Operation 5 what characters do you want to see?

Darth Vader


Anya, Sophia, Anya, Bernie, Anya, Alicia Valera, Anya, Sophia, ANYA!!!


Anya- Taï - Dizzy

Skorge- Boomer- (?)

And I will be happy :smiley:. I guess would be nice if Oscar come along, showing him respect a please :sweat_smile:


I need more female characters,… Anya, Sophia, Valera. And the helmetless version of the UIR soldier, both elite and normal :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. Finally some says Dizzy.


I want all the main tactics characters tbf, they might as well add them, they are pretty cool and freshly baked in the oven of the new engine so why not? Also that locust disciple and zealot kantus are really cool too!

I’d like to see:

-UIR Elites (Male/female, helmetless variants too)
-NCOG Marines (Male/Female)
-V-Day gears (Medic variants too)
-Gears 4 swarm hunters
-Gears 4 elite swarm drones
-Gears 4 elite grenadiers (No metal helmets)
-Classic Onyx Guard

A little idea of my own:

-Imago swarm sniper
-Imago swarm grenadier
-Imago swarm hunter

Also we need the UIR Swarm drone and swarm hunter next with the salvaged UIR armor, that grenadier and sniper are really well done :fire:

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Something tells me op5 will be gears 2/tactics themed with a couple minor characters included so imma go with:

Main op5 characters:
Dizzy, Tai, Skorge, Hoffman, Alex brand, Anya, locust hunter

Mid operation:
Makayla, Sid, disciple drone, zealot kantus

And if the speculated hivebuster dlc is anything to go by:
Onyx guard Keegan, armored Mac, armored/commando Lahni


Characters I would like to see: Michael Barrick, Sofia, Valera, Skorge

Characters that are likely in OP5: Anya, Bernie, Skorge, Oscar, basically anything that was in Gears 4 that hasn’t been ported over yet.

Bikini Anya and bikini Lizzie with the helmet. Still don’t sit well with me the way they did her dirty like that. I think a mankini baird would be hilarious to. He’s got the glutes for it. Yeow!


I hope they release as few as possible so that they can catch up with the unreleased Chrome Steels for existing characters.
Keep in mind, this was included in the patch notes for OP4 and the skin still hasn’t been released;

Fixed an issue Chrome Steel Vermello – Elbow clips with card art border

If they do bernie it should look like a FEMALE NOT baird in drag like he was in gow4.


Are they going to make Vday Sam buyable separately in OP5?

i want to see savage kantus return.

and i guess aaron griffon.

I would hope so. I don’t really intend to spend Iron to get the bundle.

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i would love chrome steel anthony carmine…

…and once they release savage kantus that one too, however i feel they are going to save it for near last,

as long as they keep releasing slighty better characters over time then people like me will keep buying but would not be the case if i got the characters i wanted right off the bat.

Dizzy, Valera, Barrick, Anya, Sofia, Hoffman,
Seeing Chaps or Franklin would be sick though.


Hoffman and Dizzy.

Also I’ve been asking for Bai Tak or any of the Pesanga characters from the books or comics. They are so bad ■■■



Michael Barrick, Hoffman, Tai, Dizzy, Anya.


Anya + Dizzy


I second this! Tai and Bernie 100%

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