Operation 5 ToD Detailed Medals Guide (w/ Gameplay) - Part 1/3

Hey guys,

I made a three-part series on the entire ToD medals section - discussing each category and medal one by one. Discussing the objectives and ways to complete them and showing some gameplay of select ones as well. Figured I’d make this type of a video as there aren’t many around and it’s still early in the Operation.

The first part is on YouTube and the next 2 parts will be uploaded shortly after.

Part 1 - Intro, Basics, Bare Your Teeth, Take Cover or Die
Part 2 - Weapons, Escape, Horde
Part 3 - Versus, Ranked, Thanksgibbing, Classic Horde, Outro

Thanks and stay safe everyone.


Are the Gridiron medals updated? Cause when I finished game yesterday, those still were in game and it was 3 hours after announcement in TWIG. Also I did not find the exact date of updating those

I had to get Quint ribbons to make progress on the Obliterator medal.

So do chainsaws and retro charges now work for the Sending A Message medal? Only B button executions worked when the medal was in OP4 so I approached getting the medal the same way for OP5.

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Yep they changed the Ranked Gridiron to Ranked TDM so now you have to win 25 rounds of Ranked TDM.

I finished the obliterator medal in arcade blitz mode, pretty sure i didnt get a quit for this to pop.