Operation 5 Official Reveal Trailer?

Offical Trailer??

When are we receiving it?

Op3 we got it exactly a week before release.

Op4 we didn’t really get any trailer, just a quick cutscene as you loaded up the Gears 5 Game. They kept saying the trailer would be coming and they never revealed it till the time the Op4 was released? No hype🧐

Whats the point of a trailer when you can see everything op4 is going to bring already because it was brought out at the same time as the update?:scream:
It’s like watching a movie trailer for the movie your in the cinema to watch “i dont need to watch the trailer when im about to watch the movie”

I can only assume they are going to do it again for Op5?

Campaign update was the 9th and they did not talk about it until today no mention of it being a day early😂.

Anyone know anything about when we might be recieving the trailer for Op5 will be it today maybe? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Who knows !!


What about Dana and not talking about future contents!? :thinking:


Yes, they only talk about present content!

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I know and he said aswell the skins in the Tour of duty will be coming into the store (understandable) but likely only the first few ranks, the “chase” rewards won’t be(general)

But within the first few weeks of Op4 Team Metal in the store :scream::scream::scream:. And Desert Kait was far into the first tour as well. :roll_eyes:

Which is literally completely fine because… Team Metal was not the general reward for Tour 1. Twam Rock was. Also, let’s be honest here, Team Metal shines like sun glare right when the sun as at its highest point during a summer day.

Is a CAMPAIGN SKIN. Should never have been a Tour reward in the first place but was used either because TC thought people would enjoy grinding for a skin they used in the campaign, or as filler because the game was a rushjob and they didn’t have anything meaningful to throw in the first Tour except mainly the campaign appearances of characters. I don’t care how far it was into thw Tour, I got it myself back then yet not a single complaint that someone can get it way easier now.

Also, when are we getting Desert skins without goggles? They 100% look better that way.

Knowing TC, the earliest we get a “trailer” for Op 5 is on Thursday, or on Monday, but either way I have had a tendency of not watching them.


We’ll see but i wouldn’t be surprised if nothing is said at all like last time🙄

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I reckon it’ll be the same as Op4, either on the day of release or the day before.

Like why not release a trailer or at least a teaser/photo now or Thursday to give a bit of hype? Like come on.

Most of the time that’s the best part about new content… the hype leading to it because you know what’s arriving and can’t wait to get your hands on it. But it’s TC so it’s like🤷‍♂️

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It is quite laughable how they keep everything under wraps, the odd spoiler here and there gets the community excited but nope nothing

snippet of an og map or something gets the hype train going


TC just cannot understand what hype actually means.

Want a trailer for OP4? Sure no problem, just open the game after the update and go to the “news section”.
Zombie Carmine coming? here is a hint 2 hours before it’s released. Guess they did better this time.
Hint at Skorge? It looked like they finally got it, shame they went silent and said nothing else after that.

What I would do: vague hints on week 3&4 prior to release day. Like what they did with Zombie Ben and Skorge. No need for them to be everyday but most definitely more than just once a week. Week 2 I’d release a few screenshots or 2-3 seconds video of what’s supposed to be the trailer. The week before? every single day posting something, doesn’t matter what just to keep everyone on their toes. Current players will stick to the game and those that left will be curious at least. What is the point of fixing the game and having lots of content is there is no player base?

C’mon Dana, cut the crap and start announcing content. Aren’t you the Director of Communications? Campaign stuff is all nice and good but players only stick for multiplayer (pvp and pve).



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At this point I dont care about trailers anymore, would be okay with a detailed news post on their website. text including new stuff and changes.

However the fact that OP5 its supposed to be huge and bring big changes, its unsetting that we dont know anything about it, when its literally coming next week.

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Thats what i’m saying we should have had atleast something by now

@WHEL4N The likelihood i think of any news about Op5 this week i reckon is low. I think the same as @will_rhs will be like last time.

@Belkain I agree it’s a lot better than not one thing said at all.
Okay for 1 thing yes we do know they are changing up PvE putting classes in place. Most likely it will be like Gears 4 in that aspect we were told that I think in the streams leading up to Op4.

Due to their mistake we also know all characters can be levelled up to 20 in Op5

If i remember right anyone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we have streams on like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or just from the Tuesday maybe, the week before Op4 release which was the week after on the Tuesday?

The streams were specific to new things being added weren’t they? Ranked, Horde, New store etc ?

On the last stream that week they mentioned about the patch notes coming on Monday (day before Op4 release)

So we actually had quite a bit of info about Op4 last time but just no trailer literally until it was released on the Tuesday.

This time we have had NOTHING :joy: Maybe they haven’t said anything about the trailer or new stuff because they have already told us and thats the only thing they had done for Op5, imagine that :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

they’ve been great at hyping up the new console release, gears 5? not so much

I know, considering they have a “Massive content release” coming next Tuesday and all we know is new class system and we can get to level 20.

They did say we should be getting new maps.

I dont think anyone is going to be happy if we only get like 1 new map and like 2 remakes :roll_eyes:

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This was one of the reason that made me quit during the first 3 operations, lack of characters and tooooo many hours to grind characters aready in campaign (so already PAID).