Operation 5 mid operation prediction

Who do you guys think will be added in the mid operation ?
I am hoping for Hoffman, Sofia, savage locust grenadier elite

We already kinda know my dude. I’ll sent you a DM.

It’s a good start but I am hoping for more. I would be a little bit sad it’s that’s it

For all we know the heroic ones will be bound to new Re-ups and god knows when these will be implemented.

17 regulars that will be released one by one each week.

And ~6 Chrome Steels that will take 12 weeks to release IF they release a “”“new”"" one next tuesday and go back to their old “new CS every 2 weeks”-pattern.

The reddit-threads are missing a few of the leaks but overall I would say the skins cover the store-updates for at least the next 3 months.

Yeah but I hope for a few more characters at least and not just what you showed me because most of it is skins and not new characters on the cog side

Bring on the Locust Sniper and Theron Sentinel :wink::wink:


Mansion or Jacinto map


Hoffman needs to return, he has been in GOW as long as the original 4, and Anya.

all op 5 leaked the only novelties are the characters of the tactics

Tactics is a fun game though and playing as those characters in GOW 5 is fun.

Would be disappointed if it’s only Sid from tactics

I’d luv to see both sometime soon, I love most of the​:star2: OLD maps :smiley:

Mansion v1

pretty sure we’ve never seen a mid-operation map drop. I don’t expect them to start now.

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Op5 was focused on maps…hence expecting at least 1 new map

Pretty sure we never had a weapon added into the game post-launch, until we did this operation.
Keep an open mind at least.

Would be cool to get a mid operation map definitely, but I’m not expecting it.

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