Operation 5: Hollow Storm PvP

People also need to keep in mind that these movement/weapon tunings are only going into the dev playlist for now

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4v4 on KOTH is meh, need 5v5 team


Am i the only person pissed that there’s no Gridiron


So you think the Retro should be just as good as the Boomshot or Longshot then? Please.

You would be a great politician with lines like these, if you want to nitpick:

This hurts lancer users the most, no longer can you just spray at some body in mid range, then just immediately whip your Gnasher and get free kills, lancering becomes more punishable basically.

absolutely agree.

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gears 1 was so poorly built off of. How do you make a game with successful mp and then turn the mechanics upside down and change the player count? Like not even the idea to have mp modes with 4 v 4 post gears 1?

It’s not a hill I’m gonna die on. But potentially positive changes that seem to be inspired by gears 1, personally I’m on board with.

One problem is the maps in gears 5. I don’t know if the maps match this new gameplay trend TC appears to be moving towards.


Even though 10% isn’t a big number. The lancer as it is doesn’t really do damage. I tend to switch to my snub because it’s more accurate and if I hit the full clip I can down a player on my own. This change will really make the lancer terrible.

The lancer may seem op only when you are fighting an organized stack, but it’s really not that good anymore.


Longshot most of the time is placed twice on a map, just like the retro, Stop using these asinine excuses.

And boomshot is arguably the most inconsistent PW in the game. Hard to compare to either Retro and The Longshot cause I have gotten more kills with both of them more than I have with the boomshot.

Nitpicking is all you seem to do. “It’s not a Power Weapon! It’s a PickUp Weapon!” Lmao

I’d argue that the damage drop off is way more of a detriment to lancer spammers. Most of the time I’m not using my lancer if the enemy is less than 10 meteres away.


Well yeah if you expect to get double and triple kills all the time with a Lancer that won’t happen, but the fact of the matter is that you get tons of free (as in unpunishable) damage that can force players into bad situations resulting in downs/kills. Snub is good but the tradeoff is that it doesn’t have as long a clip size so you can’t suppress (this means you can’t keep enemy team at bay for as long basically) as well. When you play at a high level (diamond and up) you’ll see players literally chase you with lancers lol, its extremely dangerous if used well (as is every other weapon I guess)

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It’s almost like people don’t realize team lancers are a thing. TC is not nerfing it because they want a one gun game. They’re nerfing it because team lancers are OP. That’s why every competitive game, whether it’s ranked or a tournament or whatever, is a “lancer fest.” If you’re not team lancering, you’ll probably lose. At least a nerf in this scenario adds a bit more unpredictability and fun factor.

All these players who play solo or small teams who want to single handedly get kills with their lancer don’t understand the implications of that when it comes to team lancering. If one player’s lancer is enough to quickly get a kill in its own, how do they think 3 or 4 lancers at once will turn out? Lol.

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should bring back gridiron, perhaps 4v4 it and see how it goes. prob get more people playing since solo Q is better now. Bring it back, please.

Also, 4v4 koth idk. i liked 5v5 chaotic nature of it so idk about it. if people dont like it revert pls.


people will just use snub now. if u watch high lvl play they already use the pistol as it outperforms the lancer if you can spam the shoot trigger fast enouugh. get them a bit wounded and then just use shotgun.

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People don’t understand why pickup/power weapons exist on the map, which is understandable, all I’m going to say is that weapons aren’t born equally lol. Not every gun is supposed to be just as powerful as you might expect in a game like CoD or something.

You compared a weapon nerf to my finger being cut off… talk about asinine.

You are doing it wrong then lol, this probably isn’t that important if you are playing against bad opponents obviously, good opponents will close distance very quickly. They’re both detrimental, I don’t argue apples to apples too much.

True. I’ve been decimated by the snub as well. Shockingly so.

And to anyone who’s preparing to call me a gnasher fan boy or whatever, I’ve been calling for a gnasher nerf since this game launched. In fact when I played gears 4 , I only played competitive warmup even though the lancer there was still op. The gnasher was nerfed and it actually made gnasher play more rewarding and fun.

this has got to be the worst update for the game yet! we dont need the game to be slower, we dont need changes to cover mechanics, we dont need the guns to get nerfed, we dont need unnesary changes to ranked game modes, we dont need less playable game modes, i have supported this game heavily for the past year and reading this change log has got me pissed off.


Ranked Playlist changes are terrible. STILL no Guardian and you removed Gridiron from not only Ranked but also Quickplay??? Come on.

Quickplay and custom is not a good way to judge how popular modes are. I personally don’t play Quick or Custom at all as I only like the competitive nature of Ranked and I’m sure others do the same. That doesn’t mean Guardian, for example, isn’t popular. Just bc we don’t play it during the event doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.

This is just terrible. This is a team based game and only one mode we can have a squad. Lame


I watched a video recently where one of the developers of Blizzard talked about how important Esports played a role in their game (Starcraft 2) and how they had to cut/change almost everything in the game to work around that, he said that competitors from years prior had games with way more content (Units/factions/etc.) so they had to try and squeeze as much gameplay (or in other words depth) from everything. Really informative video and the dev is very honest lol, can’t recommend it enough though its an hour long.

The lesson is that adding more stuff (weapons, maps, etc.) doesn’t necessarily add as much as you might think it does, so my point is that the Gnasher arguably adds more to the game than like half of the other sandbox combined lol, the reason being that it utilizes cover based system better than everything else is insanely satisfying due to gibbing and wallbouncing.


Clearly was done to show you how stupid your arguments were.

“it’s only ten percent”

Clearly. But not calling power weapons, power weapons and Instead doubling down and referring them as pick-up weapons when clearly they’re meant as power weapons

Just seems like your sticking your head in the sand and doubling down not to look like a hypocrite

Because they’re not two different things they’re things that directly nerf the lancer. But I argued that the bulled drop off was bigger deal than this. And it is. :man_shrugging:

:eyes: Please enlighten me why I should spam my lancer when the enemy is less then 10 meteres away.

My main issue with this is the 4v4 ranked KOTH, god damn. Should always be 5v5.


Yeah it’s safe to say this is the PVE OP. That being said I will no longer touch MP