Operation 5: Hollow Storm PvP


The Operation 5 Hollow Storm key art which features Dizzy Wallin holding a gnasher and a Locust Skorge screaming behind him

In Operation 4, we made some major changes to ranked in Gears 5. With the arrival of Operation 5, we’re rolling out a few more adjustments to PvP.


Quitters suck. You hate them and so do we. We’re very excited to introduce our Community Service program as replacement to the current quit penalties.

Beginning in Operation 5, any player that leaves a Ranked match early will be required to complete (and perform in) a number of Quickplay Versus matches before they’re able to compete in Ranked matches again. The more times a player quits a match, the more Quickplay games they’ll need to complete before they’re able to play Ranked again. Furthermore, to ensure players actively compete in these Quickplay matches they’ll need to achieve a minimum amount of points and finish the match for it to count towards their Community Service. We feel this is a much clearer and effective solution to deal with quitters and believe it will discourage negative behavior while still allowing people to play Gears 5.

For the player’s left behind, it can be a frustrating experience. For those who stay and continue to fight through to the end, we will grant additional Gears Points (GP) to reward those playing shorthanded. For each player that quits out of a 4v4-team-based mode the remaining players will receive 200 points per player for a maximum of 600 GP, while 2v2 players will be granted 300 GP if their teammate quits early. Note: that these points will only be awarded to players on the losing team.


The Gear Points logo with Carmine about to stomp a Locust in the head

We’ve heard your feedback about Gears Points and we’re happy to rollout scoring changes that reward the player’s that truly stand out on the battlefield.

The following bonuses will now be awarded for all Ranked team-based matches (bonuses won’t impact Ranked FFA):

  • Top Player Bonus: The top player on both teams will receive a 250 GP bonus at the end of each match.
  • Match Win Bonus: All players on the winning team will now be awarded 500 GP.
  • Round Win Bonus: For each round a player wins in a best of three game type they will be awarded an additional 500 points per round win. For each round a player wins in a best of 13 game type (e.g. 2v2) they will be awarded an additional 150 points per round win.
  • Solo Player Bonus: Players that solo queue will be awarded a bonus of 15% of the GP they earned in the match regardless of the match result.


Throughout Operation 4, we looked at ways to improve the quality of gameplay and matchmaking. We’ve tested 4v4 across KOTH and TDM and feel that it creates more opportunities for players to clutch-up and demonstrate individual skill while still preserving the importance of teamwork. We also looked at which playlists were the most popular and those that aren’t. As such, here are the Operation 5 Versus playlists:


  • TDM (4v4) max of 2
  • KOTH (4V4) full stack
  • 2v2
  • FFA


  • Guardian
  • TDM
  • KOTH
  • Arcade
  • Co-op vs AI

We know some of you may not see your favorite modes but they are still available in custom lobbies and we’ll continue to feature these modes as special events.


The goal of the Developer’s Playlist is to help us test out tuning and balance mechanics resulting in diverse playstyles, balanced gameplay and providing players the feeling of individuality.

With the beginning of Operation 5, we want you to get your hands on some new versus tuning. Beginning in Week 1 of Operation 5, we’re adding this tuning to our Versus Event – Classic Blitz. Then, in Week 2, we’ll move the tuning over to the regular Developer’s Playlist for you to get extensive hands-on with these changes.

In this iteration, we want to push for a more tactical gears experience where every action should have a give and take with a certain level of risk involved. The core versus theme is focused on unique close quarters engagements with rifle play mostly playing a supportive role.

Let’s get into the details.


The goal is to add “weight” to the characters, where players can feel each change of direction.

  • Reduced the base player acceleration by 17%
  • Cover Slip (Up A) modifier decreased from 1.66x → 1.6x
  • Reverted the roadie run speed down to 480 from 500
  • Removed the speed boost gained by performing cover actions
  • New: Sliding will now take into consideration acceleration, previous as soon as the player entered a slide, they would immediately reach the max speed of 600uu/s. Now we have set the initial speed of the slide to 300uu/s with an acceleration rate of 2000uu/s2. This means the character will feel like they have more weight while maintaining the fluidity of movement.


As we’ve reduced the RNG tied to the gnasher and cover actions, we saw an increase in players shooting immediately out of slides especially “Air Back A’s” for example. We’re exploring ways to create more punishable windows for certain actions while still pushing us closer to that give and take gameplay.

  • Added a slight delay to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s → 0.15s
  • Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s → 0.2s
  • Weapon swap speed changed from 0.7s → 0.9s with primary weapons and 0.5s → 0.65s with pistols, slightly faster than previous titles.


The rifle/secondary play should suit the situation, stronger in team fire and when catching people by surprise but not suppressing player’s movement from A-B as a single user. Some secondary rifles should feel like upgrades to the loadout weapons but not break away from this theme.


  • Reduced the rate of fire from 110rpm → 90rpm (rounds per minute)
  • Removed the semi auto shot delay.
  • Bullet magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges


  • Bullet Magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges


  • Weapon Damage decreased from 55 → 40 (per bullet)
  • Stopping Power slightly decreased at short, medium and long ranges


  • Weapon damage decreased from 100 → 75
  • Weapon rate of fire decreased from 400rpm → 360rpm
  • Headshot multiplier reduced from 1.35x → 1.2x


  • Weapon damage reduced from 50 → 45


Power weapons should also suit the situation while still feeling significant and approachable. We feel bringing some weapons (Overkill and Claw) into a more suitable power level for versus might allow us to showcase them on more maps if we reach that goal.

We’ve also altered the Longshot based on previous feedback and pushed the Torque Bow charge time back to its classic feel.


  • Stick charge time increased from 1.35 → 1.7


  • Reverted the change to firing from the Hip
  • ADSing while standing still will cause the user to be 100% accurate


  • Weapon Damage decreased from 145 → 80
  • Weapon Rate of Fire increased from 360rpm → 450rpm
  • Active Rate of Fire decreased from 1.25x → 1.11x
  • Weapon Mag Size increased from 60 → 100
  • Removed the 2nd magazine on pickup
  • Accuracy decay rate reduced from 5.0 → 3.0
  • Removed the weapon jam feature


  • Reduced the mag size from 4 → 3
  • Greatly decreased bullet magnetism for both Hipfire and ADS at all ranges

Note: There will be a known UI issue with the ammo when testing this tuning.

Make sure to stop by our Developer Stream today where Jonathan Taylor, Lead PvP Designer, and James McAlary, PvP Designer, will go over these changes.


Not a single 5v5 Ranked mode? Really? Also these changes all seem kinda bad, aside from maybe nerfing the up a. I dont feel like everything needed to be slower and everything but the gnasher needed to be nerfed. I thought everything but the gnasher was in a pretty good spot already


Congratulations you people who only want the gnasher to be the only weapon in the game. Your dream is becoming closer and closer. Booooooooo


TDM is still neutered. KOTH got semi neutered. Its so cool that KOTH can still full stack though while TDM for whatever stupid reason cannot. More reasons to not pick up the fu**ing boltok. Sounds fun.

Also LOL at another lancer nerf. Whhhhhyyyyyy? It was in a great spot before. Wtf?


So apparently winning 1 round is just as good as winning a match? Think I found a loophole here. @TC_Sera

Maybe if you didn’t come up with such uninspiring weapons this wouldn’t be an issue?


The lancer really out here shooting Peanuts

Gone are the days of the Retro being the best power weapon.


Haha wow, I’m shocked that TC is implementing these changes. Sounds much better indeed. reverting back to 4 v 4 which was how gears mp was originally. Novel idea. Nerfing some rifles - yes. Pay attention to the stopping power note on the HB, for all of those aggressive forumers in denial that stopping power exists in gears 5. Nerfing the claw which was obscene from the start. Making characters feel heavier, a common complaint for years now. Again, surprising. Begs the question , what was TC was thinking in the first place? :sweat_smile: I don’t know of a game that makes such big changes to balance etc like TC does. I’ve barely touched gears 5 in months, so not complaining. Next up, we need all the old maps back and please make them available for any future gears games as well. Come on TC, find a away, you can do it!


Oh look another Lancer nerf, this versus game is stone age. Truly is a one game game and no wonder no one wants to play it and join the ‘fun’. People don’t stick with it, not because it’s hard but because it’s 2020 and playing with one loadout weapon and stupid shooting like wrap shots is laughable.

Reverting to 4v4 is not to become all OG gears it’s because the player population isn’t strong enough to reduce wait times. A few more months they will have to fill lobbies with bots or go 2v2 :wink:


Movement is still slooooooooooooooow.


i go back to this from @Link23809

I personally don’t like not having a single 5v5 game mode. i don’t necessarily mind 4v4 but only for certain game modes. I don’t know a single koth player who asked for 4v4, but i understand it’s seen as a solution to the heavy lancering along with the lancer damage nerf.

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What do you mean? It will be just like it is now.

Now its win the game earn 1500 GP.

OP5 will be win 2 rounds (2x500) + winning the match (500) = 1500 GP

This benefits the losing team that won a round.

people handwaved me when I said TC was going to remove 5v5 from KOTH

well… smh. next step? limit the squads to 2 players.

it’s very apparent that this a slow methodical move to remove stacks from the game. wtf is going on.

it was 4v4 for one game and it’s been 5v5 for 13 years now.

why is this happening? is the game not capable of handling 10 players without atrocious lag and issues?


Phew, thank god.

Wait nvm, all those nerfs will ruin even that mode. Lovely.

It won’t change much, 10% reduction isn’t significant.

4v4 is more important to rifle play than that is honestly.

Its not a power weapon though, its a pickup weapon. One of those you fight over other is one you don’t. Big difference.


my maths are terrible, thank you for correcting me :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s not available in the load out it’s a power weapon.

10% is significant, you have 10 fingers, you suddenly lose one and it’s not significant?

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Also, everyone should keep in mind that the weapon-tuning will affect PvE as well.


It’s very interesting that they are choosing to slow the movement even more.

I feel that the nerfs to the rifles along with making KOTH 4v4 it’s too radical. Either nerf the rifles and keep it 5v5, or keep the rifles the way they are and make it 4v4. Implementing too many changes at once won’t help you to adknowledge what is the exact point where balance is located.

Great changes to the ranked experience, it’ll be pleasant to rank up now and I’m glad they implemented bonus points for solo players (the meta was too focused on stacks). I’m dissapointed at the fact that assists = elims, but I guess that’s how it’s going to stay.

I LOVE THE NERFS TO THE UP AS AND BACK AS. Probably the best change so far (actually being able to counter those moves only)

Overall, solid update, no huge changes… I keep hoping that they add a pvp mode similar to overrun, I feel that the game be stale in about a month with these changes.

I rate it, 6/10

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and with this , it’ll make it slower also

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I honestly can’t see the reasoning behind only allowing 4 player teams in KOTH. Ill give it a go and see what it plays like but I don’t think its a good move.