Operation 5: Hollow Storm Patch Notes for Nov. 16th

I also recall some other games ranking “heroic” as a difficulty level below “legendary”.

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Agreed ! I’m on 18 right now :frowning_face: The only way to rank up quickly is through the first kill medal exploit in escape but it gets repetitive after some time and imo only worthwhile during 3x-6x xp weekends.

Only one ranked game mode to okay with friends will be awful

people will always find something to complain about no matter what. they are just posting what the devs found during their play tests on their patch notes.

It’s cool that lots of characters are getting fixed but could they plz fix classic marcus I only put in a ticket like 5 months ago.

The movie is Sandlot. The scene is Babe Ruth’s ghost giving a pep talk.

“Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die!”


Yeah, apparently the people at TC skipped that movie. Must-watch material IMO. Or, maybe I’m just getting old, lol.

Actually, I wasn’t complaining. Sorry if it seems like I’m a big complainer. I meant shocked as in surprised, in a good way. Well, maybe the heroic/legendary comment is a tiny complaint, more like a nitpick.

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Hivebuster Marcus is worse. His neck is disjointed. It’s an oversight seeing as how his neck is supposed to be completely covered for his default skin.

They never mentioned it in their last patch notes, but when they changed Anthony’s helmet they also got rid of some Ben lines he had (not all, but at least he won’t say “Eh, not again!” on jam) and gave them to Ben himself.

So try to see what happens first.

No update in the world will save the game it has long been dead.
And there are old maps again I not buy a new Game that I can Play old maps, and the best 4v4 Realy I out from this Game and will avoid any game from tc , Congratulations you’ve managed to ruin a good franchise.


Must be thinking of Halo, if other games also call difficulties by the same way, I’m not aware.

Then again according to TC, “Elite” is a difficulty that’s supposed to be square in the middle of the selection rather than at the top…

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So Re-up changes aren’t in at Operation launch then? They are actually changing them right and not just the rewards?

I just want to say that the game just went out of early access And is finally in a release state.

Update live, 11.7gb for me.


What platform mate? PC or Console?

That’s on console, I have the same size download.




Thanks mate, still waiting on steam

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hoping mine pops up soon how did you get it to pop up just loading up the game? Or checking updates?