Operation 5: Hollow Storm Patch Notes for Nov. 16th


The Operation 5 Hollow Storm key art which features Dizzy Wallin holding a gnasher and a Locust Skorge screaming behind him

The release of Operation 5: Hollow Storm is just around the corner! Last week we went over the major new features and changes coming. Here is the full patch notes for everything coming tomorrow.

As a heads-up, the Operation 5 Title Update will be available to download at 4:00 am PT on November 17th with all of the changes going live a few hours later at 6:00 am PT.

See you tomorrow for the launch of Operation 5: Hollow Storm!


  • Updates to PvP including deploying ‘Community Service’ model for quitters and new bonuses for Ranked matches. Here are the full details.
  • Added a new rarity level added above Legendary called ‘Heroic’
  • Major updates to PVE including decoupling Characters and Classes in for PvE. Here is a complete breakdown of all the changes.
  • Made various Store adjustments to improve navigation and more intuitive organization.
  • We know many of you are interested in hearing about our planned changes to re-ups. We will have more information to Re-up rewards in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed issue with characters briefly disappearing after being counter yanked while having a pistol equipped.
  • Fixed visual feedback inconsistencies with EMBAR firing.
  • Fixed issue with My Tour Objectives not updating after a user runs multiple matches in a row.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect character skins loading in Arcade Blitz and Arcade Deathmatch modes.
  • Fixed issue with xCloud TAK controls for the right joystick being nonresponsive during gameplay.
  • Fixed occasional spawning issue for users playing rolling matches of Golden Gun.
  • Fixed issue with team now appearing online in My Squad.
  • Fixed performance issues with RTX 2080ti.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to matchmake into “Recruit” playlists after level 30.
  • Fixed an issue so Bastions now shield an enemy target when spawning and no longer use their self-destruct against players.


  • Fixed universal lip flap animation issue when coughing audio plays.
  • Updated Clayton Carmine with new knife prop.
  • Fixed issue with UIR Sandswept Female cloak weighting while the character’s holding a heavy weapon.
  • Removed a duplicate patch from UIR Sandswept Female’s arm.
  • Fixed issues with the venom bomb placement in lobbies for Armored and V-Day Sam, UIR Officer Male and Female, UIR Cosmonaut, and UIR Soldier Female.
  • Fixed issue with UIR Soldier Male and Female arm guards missing from the back of the characters.
  • Fixed issue with Commando Dom’s shoulder armor lighting.
  • Fixed issue with LOD popping on Brash Brigade Lahni’s leg.
  • Fixed issue with skin deformations on the Speaker’s skin while vaulting.
  • Fixed minor weighting issues on First Minister Stroud’s collar.
  • Fixed several texture and clipping related issues relating to Civilian Anya.
  • Corrected colored armor emissive lights for Kilo Squad Baird.
  • Corrected issue with Void RAAM’s head not turning while looking in cover.
  • Fixed secondary motion on the pouch and lower back for Armored and V-Day Sam.
  • Added light bleeding effect for Kilo Squad Baird’s shoulder strap emissive lights.
  • Added gore texture to Locust Drone’s holstered knife.
  • Updated Queen Myrrah’s face model on the gore mesh.
  • Fixed LOD popping issues on Murder Pool Lizzie’s severed hand and blood tubes.
  • Removed blood effect from Robot characters during execution.
  • Fixed issue with characters defaulting to a two handed rifle pose after using the Zombie Moan expression.


  • Fixed bug allowing players to walk on air after switching weapons while sliding down ramps in Icebound.
  • Fixed issue with users getting stuck behind a wall after going DBNO near a wall in Reactor.
  • Fixed minor light volume issues on windows in Vasgar.
  • Fixed issue with missing grenade collision on a wall in Checkout.
  • Fixed issue with glass rendering in front of smoke grenade smoke in Checkout.
  • Fixed VFX/SFX issues on computer screens and the couch on the tracks in Asylum.


  • Fixed issue with Social Manager giving “Social Manager is having issues getting updates at this time…” error message that occurred intermittently when accessing the Social Manager.

New Lahni skin, no fix for the Decon-rooms.

We only care if XP is retroactive or not.


No Fix For Winter Kait’s armor

Are you guys aware that Quickmatch Guardian has been broken since OP4 launched? :thinking::thinking:

Matches will finish before even starting, crowning MVP of whoever was on the winning team (even though a round hadn’t been played) and then the next match will be the exact same. Theres also the other bug which causes the first round to be a stalemate.

To clarify, I’m unaware if this issue exists in other Quickmatch modes as Guardian is all I play.


it’s fix nice

“UIR Sandswept”? Is that basically the Nomad skin renamed so that it doesn’t clash with the Nomad PVE class?


Just realised; where’s tomorrows store update?

And why did they not fix Macs face?


Heroic rarity items to cost muchos muchos gear coins.


I read the first four words and was filled with hope that they would restore the Queen’s actual appearance (as seen in Gears 2, 3 and UE) but no, I was wrong.

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Dana were saying couple weeks ago, in the dev stream, than is face is due to the next campaign and he cooldn’t talk about it, so I guess Mac face stay :confused:

Least we know some of the skins that are coming

Maybe they’re refering to her current face as gore mesh?

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No update on the Imago roadie breathing? Of course not.

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So some new skins are

UIR Sandswept

Brash Brigade Lahni

First Minister Shroud (Seen in Campaign I think)

Civilian Anya

Kilo Squad Baird

Also a Zombie Moan Expression


this was never an intermittent issue for me. it was 100% broken since two updates ago. hope it’s fixed



Wow and they just spoiled all the upcoming skins. Shocked, usually they keep us in the dark about those.

Also, maybe this is nitpicky, but shouldn’t “legendary” be above “heroic” technically? I believe legends are more revered than heroes, not the other way around. You’d have to be a hero first before becoming a legend, right?


Hopefully it is ! My biggest ask if for it to be fun and enjoyable while being equally rewarding. Once I reached lvl 15 on re-up I had lost all interest to work towards it.

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Re-up 18 is the cutoff-point where things start getting slugish imo. And it only gets worse.

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