Operation 5. Great Start

Y’all did a great job with Operation 5. Major quality of life improvements (to the little things like not making people reload escape from Iron Man).

Don’t get me wrong. You all have a lot of bugs and things still to fix in this game. But the content, quality of maps, and overall improvement was a great step forward.

Granted it’s a year late and the player base has dwindled significantly, but that shouldn’t deter from being able to say you took a great step forward.

Keep improving. That’s what life’s all about. You did a great job with this operation and overall state of the game.



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The last two OPs have greatly improved the game. And with the new DLC, lots of good content for game pass users.

Hopefully this momentum carries to the next installment.

Yeah, PvE is pretty decent. Wish the same could be said for PvP.