Operation 5 currently has multiple release dates and i suspect a delay

Right now there’s multiple dates inside and out of the game that state the release date for Operation 5.

If you go by the in-game countdown timer on the Tour it states Operation 5 will release Nov 9th.

If you go by the in-game countdown timer on the Ranked screen it states Operation 5 will release Nov 24th.

If you go by the crumpet that is Dana then he states Operation 5 will release on Nov 17th.

So out of the 3 mentioned Nov 17th stands out as the most likely but i also feel like Operation 5 will be delayed.

Releasing Operation 5 so close to the release of the Series X just screams problems.
When an Operation releases it’s usually full of bugs that take literally months for TC to sort out.
Combine that with any possible issues with the Series X launching then i see this as a recipe for disaster.

Operation 2 was released last year on Dec 11th. I wouldn’t be surprised at all as we got closer to the supposed release date of Operation 5 that they announce a delay and i would hazard a guess they’d delay it to Dec 11th.
Just so it falls back in line neatly with the 3 month cycle every operation was apparently supposed to have.

Which isn’t great when you realise without any delays Operation 5 would’ve released Sep 10th.
I just have a gut feeling that Operation 5 will be delayed, i really hope that’s not the case.


-MS company that has to push out updates for only xbox and pc
-Can’t even keep up with their own deadlines
-OP 5 release date is nearly 2 months behind(if you play any other multiplayer games with 3 month content cycles)
This company is a joke

Here’s some constructive feedback(because I know this this gonna be taken down): Invest in better programmers


not even by selling your ferrets man it would come any faster Operation 5 to the table.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’ll definitely hit this deadline, although I see a 1 or 2 week delay being possible I doubt it.

So what’s new? Why would they start caring about it now?

So you think they’re seriously going to delay it by a month? For what? no operation has taken longer than 4 months, OP4 was delayed by a few weeks and it still took 4 months, TC were originally planning on making each Operation last 3 months but obviously that didn’t work out for them hence why OP5 (and likely all the other ones after) will be 4 months likewise.

You say they’d want to delay it to keep in line with 3 months, WHAT? makes zero sense.

The most likely scenario is that OP5 will release on time with a myriad of exciting and interesting bugs, TC seem to have practically a non existent QA team so I highly doubt quality matters to them with OP5 as it didn’t with everything else, recent TU is a great example.

x1000… or really, probably just a handful would suffice :wink:

Two choices:

  1. On time release with a ton of bugs
  2. Delayed release with fewer bugs

Pick your poison.


Iocaine powder


How can you say it’ll definitely hit the deadline but also see a week or 2 delay being possible.

This is a little out of context if you don’t include the previous sentence. It’s the combination of an Operation and the Series X releasing roughly at the same time that can cause a lot of issues.

If TC have issues with the Series X launch and the Operation (which they always do) at the same time then it spells trouble. TC aren’t known for fixing bugs without presenting more bugs or doing anything in a quick fashion.

The other Operations being released around 3 to 4 months doesn’t mean Operation 5 can’t take any longer.
With the Series X launching at the same time as the Operation it just adds to their already existing work load.

It actually makes a lot of sense with regards to delaying Operation 5 if they were to do so.

Operation 2 released on Dec 11th and it would put them back on track to at least trying to stick to a 3 month release schedule. I would see it as the most logical date to delay the Operation and gives them a good amount of time.
This would also mean Operation 8 would release on the second anniversary of Gears 5 as it would’ve been originally intended to do so, if they stick to the 3 month Operations obviously.

The point is the Series X presents a lot more work on top of an already supposedly content filled Operation.
The Series X launch needs to go smoothly, if it doesn’t alongside the issues Operation 5 may present i see it being a total dumpster fire. The release date being so close to one another doesn’t give TC enough time to deal with the issues the Series X launch may present and may cause a lot of problems for the Operation 5 release.

Im fine witht tht honestly. Just give us maps.
Everything else can be cancelled for all i care .
Every operation is just another bs slow down of the game.

yeah with that would suffice… with maps and I think we can work with the game again…

even @GhostofDelta2 will play it more… hahahahaha :smiley:

The Tour count down is the 17th, it doesn’t end as soon as it gets to week 18 because that’s the week we’re on not how many it’s been.

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Well 17th november is what I believe and hope. Last time the delay was announced two weeks before OP4 would come out?

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It will release alongside or close to the launch of the Series X. I expect about a week delay.

XSX - 10th Launch

No major issues,

OP5 - 17th November.

Very true.

If it gets delayed I’m putting gears in the forever box

Possible and probably are two different things, like its Possible that MS will just straight up tell TC to work a different game past Gears 5, but not likely.

My suspicion is that even if its borderline unplayable they’ll still release it, every single operation has introduced tons of new bugs and glitches and it never stopped them before.

The devs in all likelihood have had the Series X/S dev kit for many months now, nevermind that they already have different settings on PC version so its not too difficult to pull, in fact I suspect it’ll work far better than regular Xbone version.

Yeah but explain to me how/why it would require another month? Assuming OP5 doesn’t have 10 maps and Overrun I doubt it.

November 17th.

never trust the in-game dates, it’s been wrong for 90% of this game’s existence

Wasn’t Operation 5 technically already delayed when they released operation 4?

By my understanding each operation initially was released with a 13 week countdown to the next operation (if only that was the case), however Operation 4 launched with a 18 week countdown built in (making it 5 weeks longer already)

The fact that this just happens to line up perfectly with launch day of the Xbox Series seems a little too convenient