Operation 5 - Bugs and Glitches

It’d probably be a good idea if all bugs and glitches are gathered in one thread so it’ll be easier for TC to address?

I came across an infinite ammo bug with the Trishot. I have no clue how it happened, but the ammo counter went into minus figures and the text (indicating your ammo) became red. I was able to keep firing continuously despite passing zero ammo. When I picked up another Trishot for ammo, it replenished ammo, but was still in the minus. It fixed itself when I dropped the Trishot and picked it up again (reverting to zero).


How strange.

Ice scions were freezing through my anchor/mac shield

It only happened once so far but ill keep at it

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Bugs and Gltches in new Ops? Ha. I laugh at that notion.


Played one game of horde as Gabe Diaz. The game crashed and Gabe is no longer a viable character option. Gears tactics is buggy with game crashes on enemy turns also…it must be a new release thing is all I can assume…also they made Anya look like a scruffy young teenager that doesn’t wash all too often… Edit .Gabe has made a comeback…

Make sure you file a report as well to keep everyone happy.

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Gridiron ‘Defend’ marker doesn’t completely fade out after leaving Tac Com and requires using and deactivating it a second time so it goes away. At least it does that in Coop vs AI.

Starting horde frenzy just puts you into the daily challenge horde mode. It also doeant show half of what the modifiers are

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This medal is broken.

The one boxed in red. I completed two acts as Infiltrator for The Corruption on Master earlier, didn’t get me any progress for this one.

Edit : Oh yeah, and I have Dom, Paduk, UIR Soldier and Karn stuck on my screen again instead of those I actually use. At least I’ve only seen those four so far.


Hasn’t this been the case before? I’m quite certain I have been frozen through the shield as Mac.

Rankedt gridiron is gone yet there is still a medal for ranked gridiron veteran


I think it would be possible through some lag happening where the game didn’t register you turned your barrier to the Ice Scion yet, or if it was basically through the barrier but in that case it would probably just whack you in the face anyway.

Brawler tackle either has new control mappings that I don’t know or it doesn’t work at all


The Horde Daily Challenge map is supposed to give double cards for up to 4 matches. However, you get double stars for ANY map you use…


I bet I know which bug they’ll fix first :wink:


I’m sort of pissed because I’ve already wasted my double cards daily challenges for the day, and I didn’t even play the map!



there is a bug with anthony carmine that he can not buy heavy weapons in horde

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So… do you lot want to play GOW Glitch Bingo? Or just a bog-standard drinking game everytime we come across a glitch/bug?


Where is Blademaster class new card “Brutal Claw”? Totally missing from her card selection and not included in any of the 19-20 level unlocks