Operation 4 right around the corner

Hype or no hype?Explain.

Patch notes first. Hype or disappointment second.


Well than I’ll see you again once the patch notes come out.

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As long as i DONT see. 600 slide speed implemented from 650 cc
I will be happy

Even with losing tdm

Still pissed they are taking out escalation.
How bout they take out arcade. I mean. Who actually plays arcade.
We already have been screwed over with no ranked DODGEBALL.


Optimistic, but skeptical. They seem to be trying to get it together. I guess we’ll just have to see if they can pull it off without major problems.

Moderate hype. I thought Operation 4 would have more maps, but they said this will only be possible at Op 5.

I hope the new map is good, after Pahanu I’m scared.

Plus, TDM out of ranked is ridiculous.


Hyped. Haven’t been playing at all since about week 5/6 but I’ll be able to get to work again.

Hopefully there will be incentives that will keep me around longer this OP.


I don’t mind, it’s not exactly a team-oriented mode like I believe Gears should be. And it’s not an original Gears mode. I’d rather see Guardian/CTL before TDM.


Hype level: about an 8/10 atm

OP4 is easily the largest operation they’ve had so far, complete rework of ranking system, earnable currency, and major PvE changes are all huge and really exciting for Gears fans. TDM fans got the short end of the stick for sure but as I don’t play TDM its doesn’t effect me personally.

so what am I still skeptical about you ask?

  1. New map… We don’t know a single thing about that map, they barely even mentioned it in passing through all the dev streams, if its another Pahanu then I’ll :cry:

  2. PvE changes, nobody really knows all the specific things they’re doing, I also doubt we (as a community) can really anticipate the effects it’ll have long term, we’ll just have to wait and see the changes come tomorrow to be able to judge it in any serious way.

I’m hyped about Frenzy in Customs and the changes to the Hivebusters to bring their Venom skills in some way to Horde. I’m anticipating that Keegan could become very fun to use in Horde.

I’m skeptical about Fabricator Freedom and Kait and JD in their current state(s) being added to Escape.

For the rest? Just will have to wait and play before making a judgment.

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I’m HYPED!! I know we couldn’t get everything we wanted In Op4 but the new rank system is what I’ve been waiting for. CAN’T WAIT!

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I don’t think Kait is really gonna be much more powerful than Mac, Lahni, Keegan or Cole, or even Lizzie(due to the Silverback and Cold Finish). And JD either needs Keegan for frequent explosive refills, which takes the spot of another role that may be valuable, or the tradeoff is more damage but the inability to use the explosives as often. Kait has to expose herself at close range, for the most part. Since Cloak duration is lowered you’ll have to make sure it is used at the right time and at the right point.

In terms of hype, I don’t feel any. I need the Horde/PvE balancing patch notes.

I’m looking forward to having a new TOD and other things (medals etc) to work toward, as well as finding out what characters will be dropping. Only Dom’s been 100% confirmed, and Paduk has been hinted at. It’ll be nice to have another PVE character to grind, as well as some new maps.

I’m also partly worried that the servers will turn to mush as well. I mean, after Operation 3 dropped there were server issues and constant disconnections for a fairly long time - maybe around 3 weeks? I don’t expect everything to be perfect nd inevitably there will be bugs and glitches, but I do expect the servers to work so that players can actually play the game (and enjoy finding these glitches!)


I’m excited, there’s some really good changes here.

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What is Hype!? Players don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! No more!

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A feeling of anticipation towards something, pretty much. One that I last felt for this game before Gears 5 launched.

Although I have a sneaking suspicion your question may not be entirely serious.


Yep. It was a joke.

Yep. There is a hype in me.
Maybe the old / new characters will be great.
Maybe the old / new maps will be great.
Custom Horde Frenzy, so maybe I will host it.
New store and new currency. Maybe I will do some shopping.

So yeah… There is a hype. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hype-ish? Most of the revealed changes seem fairly great for both PVP and PVE. I personally love blood drive because back in the day it wasn’t much of a campfest for me in gears 2-4 so i don’t really have an issue about it coming back. As for the new map to be revealed i hope its a banger to be honest because i am not clicking with the current roster.

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Hype-ish relaxed and just twiddling my fingers,But waiting on the trailer ,Looking forward to Blooddrive thou

Nice version lol.