Operation 4 release time?

Does anyone know the expected time for Operation 4’s rollout on July 14th?

I ask because I’m this close to finishing the tour of duty, and I want to know if I’ll get another set of dailies tomorrow (Monday, July 13) at the 8pm (local time) reset. Would save me some iron.

Thanks in advance.

I think you will. TC hasn’t given an exact time as far as I know. Dana said early Tuesday morning on one of the streams this week.

The Op 4 teaser on the Xbox YouTube channel has a time indication in its decription. I’d wager it would be accurate that that’s either when it starts or when you can download the update.

“ Gears 5’s newest update, Operation 4: Brothers in Arms, brings the largest one-time drop of characters since launch and completes the original Delta Squad with Dom Santiago. The update also streamlines progression and rewards and introduces a new ranking system. The update is free to all Gears 5 owners and will be available starting July 14 at 9am PT. ”



And there we have it. Thanks.

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Dana did say on the stream the game would also go down for a while prior to the launch. I don’t know if a proper time was specified.

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Either way, I think the dailies will still refresh on Monday.

I vaguely recall it being said it’s gonna happen on Monday(which is today here in Europe). So I reckon it’ll happen in like, 12-14 hours at the earliest which is when it’s gonna be like 8-10 AM over in Canada.

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Thanks for the knowledge and replies folks. I guess I’ll throw caution to the wind and hope for another reset in something like 21 hours.

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You are correct he definitely said monday :slight_smile: but didn’t say when or how long, and if the patch gets delayed I presume the downtime would too, so who knows?



Yeah, it is already Monday in Central Europe - 06:15 am. :innocent:
So OP4 is pretty close to us! :crazy_face:

And I haven’t slept yet. But also cannot find the motivation to do anything to stay awake so I can get my stupid brain/body into a better sleep rhythm because of how tired I am.

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Maybe drink some calming tea if you don’t have got ADHD.
Maybe drink some coffee or energy drink if you do have got ADHD.

That’s not what I have. I just can’t sleep for some reason. And I’m feeling hot for no reason when it is like 10 degrees outside while I had the window open for most of the night. Can’t have the fan on because my overly sensitive hearing picks noise up too much so that stops me from sleeping as well… it ain’t a great day to be me.

Best of luck, I know how difficult that can be :slight_smile:

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But is Dom going to be PVE straight away or not

Dom is not the PVE character.

It was 105 here today. :unamused:

I was talking C, not Fahrenheit(or however you spell it). Don’t even know how to convert either into the other without going on a Google search.

Either way. I live the desert and it was friggin hot!
(Trying to sympathize) :wink: