Operation 4 Release Date

Valid points, I mean at this point how many new players are we going to get, are TC/MS just wasting money.
As it is we are having trouble keeping our hardcore Gearheads. I totally class myself in that bracket…I have not played 5 in two weeks and played under 1000 koth in total since release. Such a crushing letdown overall :frowning:

I played Gears 4 everyday for over 18 months. I still play it, and 3.

Just give us Tactics on xbox and put all resources into Gears Of WAR 6. Make us care again, I know they can do it.

Lastly bring back Myrrah (I don’t care how) and Sam for campaign

That would be nice

I know, it was messaged to me during a match.
Had a laugh about it then blocked the sender.

Bring back Guardian!!!

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Oh ok, didn’t want it to be political here, haha.

Exactly. I don’t use a mic or message ppl in game so i was surprised when I saw the message lol

Bring back Guardian!!!

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Hi @RedHulk1973

I have come to realize man that its most likely TC would give us 50 % discounts on Gears 6 instead of adding Guardian to be honest.

Its mathematically impossible TC could add that… with the amount of problems the game has as it is.

Pretty sure they can bring Guardian back to ranked. Unless you mean they would give us a discount instead of bringing it back?

Either way I will be screaming for its return :grimacing:

Bring back Guardian!!!


exactly right man … I think TC would instead like to give us a 60 % discount on gears 6 and a BIG MAC instead of adding Guardian back into the game.

It’s easier for them that… I don’t think they would add it back again with the issues at hand @RedHulk1973

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I am in full support for bringing Guardian back, but don’t take away Gridiron!:sob:. I love that mode too!!

Bring back Guardian!! (And keep Gridiron!!)

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The only thing I think that is keeping them from adding it back in is pride, I don’t think they have enough education to admit they were wrong to remove it.

Bring back Guardian!!!

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My friend @RedHulk1973 this paragraph has said it all… thanks for being at the forums :slight_smile:

Bring back Guardian !!! :slight_smile:


This isn’t particularly true. Some of the biggest turn arounds we’ve seen for big games happened well after launch, especially for games with live service models.

For example:

  • No Man’s Sky
  • SW Battlefront 2
  • For Honor
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Destiny 2

Etc. And there are more examples. It’s never too late for a game to make a 180 as long as the dev puts in the effort to make it happen.

It’s still not too late for Gears 5. Operation 4 is extremely important to the life of this game going forward and also for the Gears franchise in general. TC needs to make things right with Gears 5 before they could ever hope to sell Gears 6.



Bring back Guardian!!!


TC, you gotta come big this one. On the right track, just keep listening to us!

All I want is maps to play that’s al as much as I love those characters

All of those games you listed were more popular than Gears 5 with exception to maybe For Honor (I know very little about that game honestly) so essentially way more people tuned in to them 9 months post launch than Gears 5, this is not to say that Operation 4 is irrelevant or meaningless, but my point still stands that content/changes made closer to launch are almost always far more relevant to a game’s lifecycle than stuff done 9 months after, now this isn’t necessarily true as there are some games that are absolutely huge years past launch (Sea of Thieves is still pretty much like this even now) but generally speaking the principle holds true.

The people that are still playing Gears 5 are going to likely keep playing regardless of what TC does, now I do predict a huge drop in population once Halo Infinite comes out (bold prediction, you could say) but overall the only thing TC can do is just make the game more bearable for longer periods of time and keep player retention up, aside from that the game will gradually decrease in popularity and although you may see a really small influx of new players over time, the game is a decaying tree lol.

My point isn’t to say that because OP4 isn’t the most important Operation that TC should just do nothing, but frankly they dropped the ball many months ago and it can never be picked up again for all those people that left already, I think companies see launch as an insignificant step to a game’s lifespan nowadays, which is a shame because that’s what like 95% of players perception of your game is, why do you think fans love GOW3 so much? because that game was overdeveloped, had very few bugs, was content complete after a few months, compared to this crap where people gotta wait ages for basic junk that should’ve been in the game at (or right after) launch, I’m aware that some of this was intentional (how else would you explain Paduk?) but its hard to be excited about a game, to try to “sell” it to your friends when you know its not living up to its potential.

I do care about Gears 5, I have one person on my friendlist that absolutely loves Gears of War that I’ve been contemplating gifting Gears 5 to, yet I can’t because I know that if I gave it to them today the only thing they would feel is disappointment… blame whatever you will for Gears 5, but that’s a massive letdown, I can’t even give people Gears 5 for free because its as mediocre as it is.


Yup, I’ve got gamepass for just a few more months. If it doesn’t start providing some content that is enjoyable for more than 2 weeks after an operation Ill prob stop with gamepass and not buy g6 either.

Let’s hope they market g6 in a way that makes sense this time. E3 for g5 was the worst I’ve ever seen for a triple A game. I remember having to search elsewhere for the gameplay(which was SOO abysmal and disappointing). That and the trailer w kait was the worst most least memorable trailer I’ve seen for gears.

Bad marketing is bad business. We shall see.

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Thats how i felt about op.3 and then. Well u know what they released.
So yea. Ill be happy with gears 4 maps tht i actually. Like.
Impact day , mainly

I can’t help it but I need to compare with halo.
The first 3 games are praised , the fourth not so much and the 5th…
Same pattern for the Gears of war series.
In July we will see halo infinite.
This will either revive Halo and restore the franchise as a glorious IP for Microsoft or it will tarnish it a little more and will fade away as a game IP for old gamers (45) like me.

Maybe it will be the same for Gears.

TC we need more maps!!!


Using your metaphor it implies that Gears 5 is great but Gears 4 is a shameless COD clone, also, gears 1-3 are nowhere near as good as Halo 1-3. Halo has always been a more popular series than Gears, but Gears is consistently a better franchise as core gameplay has always remained.

The real issue with Gears is that it has no path forward from here, GOW6 will be the last and it’ll hopefully deliver.

For Gears 5 I think OP4 will be dope but won’t magically make it a masterpiece.