Operation 4 Release Date

I agree with this 100%, I just feel the odds are stacked against them. Even if TC is being extremely ambitious, they have so much working against them, including a community that expects them to turn straw into gold.


The odds are certainly stacked against them, but they put themselves in this position.

Make or break time.


What this game desperate needs is more maps for versus. If OP 4 has at least four good ones I will be happy.

Lets just hope they actually dont mess with anything that NOT ONE PERSON has ever complained about.
I could care less about op.4 if it means they are slowing the game down even more or adding more delays and cooldowns.
Im hopin for new new maps but will be happy with any maps at this point as long as its not overpass or mercy ( and it probably will be)
Im still hoping they will let us back log past tod rewards. I wasnt even done a quarter of them and it has thee most weapon and character skins that i wanted the most. I want the solid team weapon colors sooo freaking bad.

Dont lower your standards. I wont be happy with just any maps at this point. Im tired of playing on Gears 4 maps. I played on them for years. Im tired of the same remakes. Its lazy. New maps and remakes of maps we havent gotten is the only acceptable thing TC can do for maps. Im gonna be pissed if we get any gears 4 port.


Get ready to be pissed lol, not to say we may not get an old one, but I almost guarantee at least one of the maps we get, will be a G4 port, just cause they still got so many to use there and they know how people are on their case about adding more maps.

TC should have learned from Gears 4 Season pass /Judgments failures when it comes to maps. You cant have all these different modes that require different maps.

They had a problem delivering 2 maps a month with Gears 4. What made them think they could have all these different modes that requires different maps and actually keep up with any of it?


I hear ya, I’m not saying I agree with them doing it either, it’s just my prediction tbh. They done said G4 Ports take less time, they didn’t say how long, but did clarify it takes a lot less time than the 6 month cycle for new maps and remaking maps that wasn’t on 4. Knowing they got everybody wanting more maps, they know they are under a microscope for adding more maps than normal in Operation 4, so I can see them taking the easy route on at least one map to help render that, again not saying I agree, unless it’s Fuel Depot, sorry I love that map lol, but ya just my prediction is all.

But they have no one to blame but themselves. We’ve been complaining about maps since launch.And even when they added the Gears 4 maps people complained because we’re tired of these maps. I’d rather not play the game then play on Lift, Canals, or Reclaimed. I’ll even add Fuel Depot to that list. I love that map but Im so tired of it.

At the end of the day I feel Op 4 is gonna be a let down. TC stated how long it takes to make a new map so unless they doubled the team making them then theres no way we’re gonna get more than 2 new maps and thats if we’re lucky. If we get 4 maps 1 will be new and 3 will be remake. Also Op 4 is gonna introduce some game breaking bug like EVERY operation so far.

Also someone posted on reddit that after this last update they got kicked out of a match and it said results from KoTH on Impact. So yea another remake of a sh^tty map if true


Ya I agree 1 new and 3 remakes is actually what we’re going to get… but ya I also agree it’s on them on not preparing their map building teams properly, but it is what it is.

PS the game breaking bug will probably be the new ranking system, that sounds like our luck. We wait forever for the new system, only for it to be just as broken lol.

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We can all also anticipate “We cannot gather results at the moment” for the first 2 days of Op 4’s release lol


I REALLY got a bad feeling about the game…
If Operation 4 will be underwhelming, I’m going to have a LOT more GBs in my Xbox storage.

anyone have a running tally of all the delays they’ve stacked up since launch?

OP4 two week delay
OP3 four week delay
OP2 week delay?

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This game has really been feeling like a lost cause the last few months. Realistically a company is not gonna put forth more financial resources to change a product if they’re not going to get a greater return on their investment. I have very serious doubts that all the changes this game needs will happen. The return on investment seems like a big gamble with how disappointing this game has been for players.

Honestly, I might try it here and there but for the most part I’m done with this game until a major overhaul that might not ever happen. I’m pretty much saying screw it and screw TC. I can find other games to play for the rest of the year while waiting for Halo.

Ranked FFA when?

When Guardian comes back :joy:

Bring back Guardian!!!


Relic would be dope honestly :+1:

Operation 4 isn’t “the most important operation” Operation 1 was, every update, through a games lifespan, becomes progressively less significant as the population (typically) goes downhill, so a ranking system fix for example would’ve had much more impact closer to launch than further out, I’m sure a good chunk of people left just because of how frustrating the ranking system is.

I also think people are drastically overhyping OP4, I expect 2-3 maps (1 new map, though god be willing it be far better than Pahanu) and 1-2 remakes, ranking system improvements, them removing the character specific horde abilities, maybe them allowing more characters in escape now that change had been made for horde (I’m assuming they’ll do the same thing with escape? who knows) and of course more characters and skins and junk like that. The only thing they could do to sweeten the deal for me would be a lancer nerf, but seeing as how TC loves overpowered lancers of war doubt we’ll see it… OP4 will just feel more like what Gears 5 should’ve been many months ago (no I’m not one of those people that just magically expects everything at launch, that’s a stupid complaint imo)

COVID 19 basically put the nail in GOW5’s coffin in my eyes, nevermind the delay/slowing down of the process, one could also attribute it to some really questionable decisions, in particular Pahanu, I’m certain that if more eyes had befallen that map it wouldn’t have released as mediocre as it is/was, but because COVID 19 makes all the devs work from home and the QA team seemingly has no damn clue how Gears should play it never got any second opinions from other devs. Gears of War very rarely comes out with bad maps post launch, making Pahanu a standout in terms of the series, TC basically dropped the ball once with Bunker then did it all over again with Pahanu.

As for Dana’s enthusiasm the dude doesn’t sound much like a Gears fan to begin with, I mean… the guy chose to save Del… Need I say more? :joy: What Dana is excited for is not something that necessarily excites many of the fans, the dude is probably just happy to see a cool skin come out or something along those lines.


Seems like they are hell bent on erasing everything Epic from the game and making it their own. Tweeking things that don’t need it(8 shots please). Making us make “the choice “ (now i am a racist because I chose JD?). Removing fan favorite modes for their sports themed gridiron ( a touchdown, for real?)(sorry @KC_JAY_1986 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Just bring back Guardian and shut me up!!!

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You’re not racist for choosing JD.

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RED mate prepare, as you are indeed going to be pissed, in your heart of hearts you know this to be true!

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