Operation 4: PvE Update

What the hell? Finally rebalancing characters? Lvl 6 cards? Adding Del, Fahz, and Kait to Escape? Giving Scorpio squad access to their venom skills in Horde? This is the best news out of all that’s come out by far. Why save this for Friday? This should have been the headliner of Op 4 from the beginning, not just a side-note. Anyway, this is the first news I’ve actually liked out of all this.


Because they wanted to save the best for last? :smirk:


Im fairly excited for these changes, if these lvl 6 cards are as good as they are saying, then this update is nearly perfect, hopefully the buffs are fairly good, interested in these new passive and perk changes along with the venom card changes for horde.

Horde frenzy in private is nice.

New hivebusters is nice.

love that they are freeing up the fabricator

its nice that theres a bigger reason to get power taps


I’ve been use to this for years (since Gears 2) PVE is always a side note.

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All characters able to buy everything… We can’t trust on noobs specially on master runs


It’s an exciting update, only thing I didn’t want really is Level 6 cards purely because it means I will never ever scrap excess cards because I will always be thinking about level 7 cards. Going to be interesting on master to see if people cannot wait for weapons and buy them rather than depositing.

Rebalance suggests neft to JD to me. I now hate playing as him and I’m glad when someone else does his role but it will be tough without him on master for most of the games I’ve played. If he stays the same and they buff others, well master will be a walk in the park.

Wonder if engineers will receive their own perks now that anyone can build anything…


Bruh they’re not gonna have level 7 cards… Quote me.

But PvP is the main Gears deal and not PvE. I thought you knew that already. Everyone seems to love talking about dumb ranks, more useless Gnasher tuning and Lancer complaints. When someone tries to talk PvE… “Yeah, look, we haven’t forgotten about you, just let us get to it eventually and you’ll maybe see results”.

Yes, I am not a fan of PvE getting sidelined so much instead of both aspects getting an equal amount of attention.


Hope you’re right but I ain’t scrapping **** until they state that.

That wasn’t the whole point of Horde Frenzy. Some people just wanted a shorter version of horde. I know I did. If you play in the public sessions, people usually don’t stay for the long haul in the regular horde.
inb4, just join a custom lobby or something to that nature.
Anyways, I’m not saying you are wrong about what incentive some people had for playing horde frenzy.


Would it be indirect confirmation if they implement an auto scrap system for duplicates on skills that are Level 6?


I’m interested to hear how they’re balancing out characters to be more equal. Hopefully buffs, rather than nerfs.

Also keen to know if Level 6 cards are an overall increase from Level 5, or if they’ve rebalanced the same amount of increases across 6 levels instead of 5 (in which case, boo).

And it’ll be good to know how the perks and passive abilities are being changed or improved, and how the energy tap health boosts will stack. If you had 4 taps, all maxed out, that’s 4 x 30% increase. Does that mean everyone is at 220% base health?

Guess we will see in a few hours.


Also curious to see the perk rebalancing, perks are really important especially after OP3 due to how cheap they are nowadays.

I do suspect tap changes will decrease Jack’s in lobbies (which is a good thing, most tedious character ever designed) but the bot will be an even greater money making machine.


This is awesome news. Finally.


Another ignored aspect of this update is that they’re reducing playlist complexity down from 7 difficulties to 3, this will make matchmaking much much easier/faster.


I have six maps to master that are giving me hell with randoms, hopefully this will all help :grin:

I still think if boost gave double cards they would clean up on iron and op pack buying.

bruh add me, I’m a super sweaty KOTH player but when I want to wind down I do dabble in Horde, I have high level JD/Jack but I’m slowly making progress with Kait and Engineer’s…

I have a few really good Master Horde players on my friendlist that I can hook you up with my guy, call me the matchmaker :joy_cat:


Im guessing they are not nerfing anyone, they will most likely buff everyone I would think.

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Hmm wonder how they’re going to make JDs airstrike work? Escape is underground, so airstrikes technically should not work. Guess they’re just gonna ignore that fact and let it happen. JD would be OP in Escape if he has all his skills. So I figured JD would never get added to escape. This is pretty shocking.