Operation 4 needs to show Jack some love

Jack needs his campaign abilities in horde like yesterday. The fact that the game launched without this still baffles me. Id rather have the freeze flash than his little zapper

Also maybe an execution or 2 and some emotes where he makes beeping sounds like in the campaign would be nice

So hopefully with Op 4 Jack gets some much appreciated love


Chrome Steel JACK!


He currently feels like the redheaded step child.


Damn man that hits too close to home




Flash - Could Flash Freeze Boss
Shock Trap - Defend weak point or offensively
Hijack - We already have that but it’s Ultimate
Pulse - Would be nice to mark enemies through walls and weapons scattered on tac-com for smelting
Stim - I guess this could help in sticky situation like double Sentinels or Kestrel
Cloak - Could be useful to hide from double Sentinels or Matriarch and shooting shouldn’t reveal self until it ends
Barrier - Could be useful to deflect
Zapper - Already have but could’ve had that zapper upgrade where shock multiple at once
Heal beam - Already have but it’s strange it wasn’t in Campaign

How is someone supposed to fit all those in Horde? That’s like 9 different aspects of abilities. Some could even go into Ultimate slot but we can’t replace or change them out. And not sure if could work like Lizzie’s Silverback cards for Salvo, Cryo, Buzzkill, Tri-Shot and Mulcher. It would’ve been better if we could switch up Jack’s abilities on the fly like in Campaign.

I was thinking the other day of Winter Jack or Hivebuster Jack.

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Lizzies silverback has weapons based on what cards you pick, so its not exactly a foreign concept to Gears :wink:

Im not saying have all his abilities available at once. Instead of the zapper you pick a different ability. Similar to campaign you couldnt have every ability at once


I think I’ve run ice Jack from day 1.

For some reason, mostly because you stay cloaked a good deal in Horde, I rarely notice skins on Jack.

He needs more lights or something.

He definitely needs an annoying bot laugh to spam.

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Or Desert JACK, with dark tinted eye visors and a cap!

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Winter Jack could be little different, but have those furs instead,

A Terminator / Skynet Jack with glowing red eyes and chrome / black paint job.


I would love that!

I’m surprised no one has mentioned a BlackJack skin yet.

I’ll show myself out.


I rate that joke 21/10.

Don’t hit me.

Indeed! Jacks default emotes have gotten old AF

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In Operation 4 they’ve already said that Carmines won’t get new skills but we’ll be able to use them and any character in PVE.
Given that - Jack is going to be incredible flying over barriers with All the Glory !

Thrashball Jack :grin:

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Hivebuster Jack

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It certainly would be cool,I’d like a barrier for him/her to get some defence,from the swarm,when he gets gamers up from DBNO😎