Operation 4 maps

Have you kept up with the news and developer streams? It’s not that they couldn’t be bothered to make maps, it was because - rightly or wrongly - a top level decision was made at the outset to focus their energy on tile-based map design for Escape rather than create all new pvp maps the traditional way. This, coupled with the other key high level decision at the start to only release characters when they had arcade and horde/escape abilities and perks, means that their efforts and resources couldn’t be spared to make or re-release maps. They explained this week that even carrying over a Gears 4 map to Gears 5 isn’t as simple as pressing a button. A lot has to be done to them to make them work the Gears 5 systems and structures, even if they look identical like Dam and Foundation. But they are now putting more time into map building, so some in Op4 for but a greater number in Op5 onwards. Ditto with more character skins - they’ll come out without abilities, which is a shame in one sense but great that we have a wider roster, expanded more often.

We can debate about those high level initial decisions by Rod and the OG Coalition powers that be, and probably mostly agree that they weren’t right. But the important thing is that TC have been listening, and acknowledge that some of those decisions were wide of the mark, and are now working hard to rebuild the game to please us.

Their biggest flaw is probably a lack of timely communication on the forums, but if that is because they’ve spent every ounce of time and energy improving the game, I can deal with that. I am cautiously optimistic for the state of the game from Op4 onwards. I think we should cut them a bit of slack at least until we’ve seen Op4 and especially Op5.


There are only a few maps in my eyes that would warrant a remake treatment…

Mansion (easily the most requested GOW1 remake aside from Gridlock of course), Tyro Station, Jacinto, Pavilion, in terms of GOW3 only a couple of other maps really stand out and that’s Trenches and maybe Academy.

If I had to make bets I would say Jacinto/Pavilion are going to be the one legacy map that Dana was mentioning that would come in a later operation (probably 5 but who knows?)

I know full well there are a ton of other maps TC could remake, but heck they brought back BloodDrive for god’s sakes, they only really seem to care about how popular maps were/are not how good they would play.

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Have to agree with you man, we should be cutting slack, I don’t blame current TC for the unorganised launch, I blame Rod, there was a reason he was second in command at epic games and Cliff led the charge which gave us Gears of war 3 which in my opinion is still one of the better games in the series, I have high hopes moving forward with Gears 5.

@Duffman_GB I can’t remember boneyard, which gears was that one from? :thinking:

@Watery_shoe Do you want Gears 3 Azura or do you want Gears 5 campaign Azura??? :thinking:

@Fabjo06 Have to agree that some of these maps can seem pretty dead at times, I’m always for the environmental based maps, I personally enjoyed reclaimed windflare from gears 4, I kinda hoped they would just integrate the windflare into reclaimed itself for Gears 5…


Judgment DLC, I’ve only played it a handful of times but I liked the map, had a Gears 1 vibe to it.

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Yes indeed. So they should hire more and stop focusing on just one goal.
Also, another simple suggestion, they could make the purchase of skins from the weekly store permanently accessible in order to earn more …
Let us continue to instill in them hope and imagination !

I still have a belief, and a desire, to have River back. It’s long overdue. I would love it if if they added a flash-flood environmental hazard to it, a bit like the avalanche on “Avalanche” from Gears 2. I don’t know if it would play well on the current G5 game modes but it feels like one of the only OG maps that hasn’t seen the light of day since.

I also loved “Nowhere” but not sure if it was iconic enough, being a DLC map, to get a second outing in G5 especially when new or redone maps haven’t been a high priority with this game. But I want something new. Not Clocktower again, or Fuel Depot again. Or even, dare I say it, Gridlock again!

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This one. The real one.

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Well, all I’m saying is wouldn’t it be cool to have the ruins of Azura like we see in the campaign? Technically Azura is pretty overgrown and destroyed right? But either way I like that map :v:

We need at least one of these maps:


Pavillion and River thanks.


I’d like Hail if the Razor Hail happened during Horde.

Gimme both!

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Awh yes please! These are gems :joy:

@Watery_shoe I’m glad we see eye to eye on Azura and yep I agree, that’s the only thing that bothered me about hail in Gears of war 2, that the razor hail didnt appear in horde, I’m guessing the main reason is the fact that the enemies would end up killing themselves about 80% of the time, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that different from what we saw in Gears of war 4s ‘reclaimed windflare’

The trains on Asylum spring to mind.
Reduce the damage done to the swarm NPCs by X% and it’ll be fine.

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I mean as long as they can still actually killed by the hail and not carry you by killing a whole wave, that’d be the one, you can imagine on extra health difficulty AND health poison modifier that it probably wouldn’t matter at that point

Gears 2 Jacinto :crossed_fingers:

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It’s almost guaranteed to be either Jacinto or River, let’s pray its gonna be Jacinto as that’s a much better map for Gears 5 methinks.

Edit: they most likely won’t want to do another Gears 3 remake, the only 2 maps that I could see them remaking from Gears 1 is Tyro Station or Mansion, however they’re definitely going to port Gears 1 remakes into Gears 5 so Gears 2 remakes are the most likely I suspect.

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Do we know how many maps to expect? I’m know I’m radical on this but I say we deserve all of the maps. What will we get, a measly one or two?

1 new and 1 old (BloodDrive)

maps is definitely the most disappointing thing about Operation 4 (unless you loved TDM, poor TDM fans) even moreso when you consider they haven’t shown off that new map yet.