Operation 4 maps

Hey groundwalkers!
I want to hear everyone’s predictions for returning maps or ideas for new maps that we could share, I still see a lot of people begging for gridlock AGAIN and would like to see if anybody has anything else to say about it,.

What maps would you like to see in Gears 5 and why?

I for one would love to see the return of trenches from Gears 3 with its own swarmified twist, or perhaps completely different and instead of the barren desert badlands biome we have the artic biome of maps like icebound and the sections we saw on the campaign.

Don’t rip my head off, but I think it would be interesting to see a new take on bullet Marsh, as both the version we saw in gears 1 and 3 were pretty much the same looking, most old maps when they get created have a bit of a biome change, perhaps instead of the kryll we could use leeches instead? :man_shrugging:

I personally like the maps like hail, flood and avalanche, anything like weather or environmental change can really change up the gameplay sometimes, its makes horde matches more atmospheric and dangerous and makes versus matches that extra bit interesting minus the tunnel vision.


Lastly a reimagining of stasis from gears 2 would be a very nice addition imo, with the new game engine resources and lab concepts we saw in campaign from our return to the new hope facility, I think a map like this could really bring back the spooky side of gears of war in map form, the test tubes filled with mutated sires, dark and gritty hallways, it would be something I’d love to see in Gears 5.

Point being, fresh interesting map designs are going to keep people engaged, if we just get gridlock AGAIN for example it’s going to be pretty frustrating to see since we’ve had it in every gears game and all of the gears of war 4 maps should’ve been included at launch imo anyway :man_shrugging:

Let me know what you guys thinks…

I have a gut feeling it’s gonna be Gridlock but who knows? Dreamland I would love a River or Nowhere from Gears 2.


I’m pretty confident it will be one that appeared in Gears 4 or a new map entirely

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Can only hope for a new map (a decent one at that) if it’s anything like Pahanu then it’s a 🤦🏼 For me.


Apparently we have blood drive and new map by the looks of the op4 trailer, I’m fine with blood drive because its decent in horde, hopefully the new map is just as good on versus AND horde

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I won’t rip your head off but Bullet Marsh is one of the worst maps (besides the OG version <3).

If I had to pick an old map; I would love to see Ruins come back but that map would not play well in respawn gametypes.

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Hotel and DryDock!

On the stream just now they confirmed there is a “legacy map that wasn’t in Gears 4” coming. I didn’t catch whether it was in Op5 or Op6 though (think Dana said "a future Operation). But this was when the Twitch chat was spamming “Bring back River” over and over again.

So…River? Fine with me!

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pretty sure he was talking about OP5(October)

Be sick if it is, although maybe even mansion or nowhere, I’d have the same hype for them sort of maps as I would with river.

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had another player say he re-watched the dev stream and quoted Dana

“Op 4 is going to be a combination of old maps as well as a new one.”

anyone hear this too I missed it. so three maps on OP4?

Pretty sure its confirmed its blood drive and 1 new map.

I would have loved DAWN.
BEST LOOKING MAPS todate in gears. Its aesthetically pleasing and the lay out is amazing for all game modes.
Especially for escalation. I would say dodgeball also but lolol who are we kidding. Ranked Dodgeball is a lost cause at this point

A big no to dry dock.


I feel like this is such an underrated map. I would love to see this make a return


Yea Dana said a legacy map that wasnt in 4

It really is isn’t it, would love to see it back down the road.

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Played Boneyard yesterday, now that is a great map :+1:


Both ruin and bullet Marsh would be nice for horde though, I personally wouldn’t complain if they both came, Its like I said I hear a lot of people hate blood drive in versus, but it makes a great horde map, so pretty pleased with that return, hopefully we eventually get river, I know a lot of people wanted that :v:

Give me Azura or give me dea- Avalanche.

Apparently, the Coalition is understaffed or unwilling to bother creating new ones (because maps are coming out at dropper).
They could at least add environmental changes that would reduce boredom for 2 hours on these soulless maps.

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