Operation 4 horde bugs?

Skill cards buggy in horde and/or escape. You load into the match and then none of your cards are equipped even though you equipped a full set. This happened to me multiple times, i found that to fix it, you just un-equip a couple and then re-equip them and then they should all work.

Another horde bug where your character or your teammate may randomly call out that a tap is being damaged when it is not; very common during the intermission in between waves

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Pretty sure this happened before op 4, i think the call out happens when a tap is repaired.

Really? As a pve main myself I’ve never noticed. Even more reason to fix it. Shame that such annoying bugs still exist…

That is correct. The one repairing the tap says it.

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I’ve been hearing a few random call outs lately so you may be on to something there, haven’t yet encountered the cards issue though.

Same problem with cards… all charged with Marcus, and no effect on horde game… Cards system bug is very boring. Play on master with this bug, impossible !

Yes I came across this problem today - loading into Horde with cards equipped out of game but not in game. Never seen this previously. Like you I found the same fix

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Played horde map (blood drive) today (16 July 2000)for the Achievement (Fresh Grubs)Complete a Featured Horde Map from Operation 4 (Did 1-50 waves)Did not pop up):cry:I did a support form,just now have to wait,Anyone have a issue with this achievement please.up date yes I have unlocked it by playing on map Overload,

From another post

“For reference, the current Featured Map for Week 1 is Horde Frenzy on the map Overload. It is unclear if every week will be a frenzy map or something different, so this week’s Featured is a quick and simple option. Completing this week’s Featured will also unlock”

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Thank you my friend really appreciate the help/info​:+1:Just got the achievement.:slight_smile:On overload,sorry again for the confusion,I did use the true achievements and they said you could do it on blood drive,Next time I will come on forums if I’m stuck ,to get some help/info

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