Operation 4 Feedback

Hello, so I looked a bit if there was a thread already concerning OP4 Feeback just like there’s one for Ranked preseason but I did not find one, if there’s it please merge it accordingly.

This update has proven to be the best yet, there’s many small improvements along the big new features that truly brings everything together.


The weapons feel good to me, gnasher seems to be gibbing more consistently, even though there’s still some instances where the gib range trolls players.

The return of flashbangs with reduced duration and AoE is good, even though I never disliked them before to be honest (perhaps the annoying perma flash bug).

The removal of game modes from ranked in order to improve them (TDM doesn’t bother me) is a welcomed step forward to address many problems with the game mode such as excessive camping, while at the same time offer other modes to players, such as you did with guardian.

There is however something I’ve noticed that’s becoming annoying, in KOTH matches the increasing use of lancer is absurd, sometimes there are matches were you just have to break a lancer wall of 5 players correctly positioned that becomes nearly impossible to bypass, there’s nothing wrong to play lancer but not even in Gears 4 I experienced this.

To me the Lancer is correctly balanced if you see it from an individual point of view, but certainly not when there’s 5 people using it to protect a single area, this problem does not apply to TDM (Since you’re covering power weapon placements), Escalation (Since you’re covering 2 - 3 zones) etc.

I will never forget (Nor forgive how this issue was treated in Gears 4 with the hammerburst), I hope this gets addressed in a better way.

I still have problems with gridiron, single life team objective modes don’t sit well with me, and it annoys me that it just comes down to kill the other team because the touchdown is not worth more than killing all the team (Basically execution with a flag)

Also the ranked system (Maybe cause its preseason) seems unrewarding in terms of GC.


This transition operation to a class based and not character-based system, seems ok, most of the level 6 cards seem to have a considerable benefit against their level 5 counterparts so I’m ok with that.

Horde still bores me to death, is still way to slow to comparing it to Gears 4, also don’t know how they reward GC.

The general changes to different mechanics sit well with me, yet some changes I believe were unnecessary, you say you don’t catter to n00bs yet most changes I see and I’ve experienced are making things easier, even though overall difficulty was ok.


The UI changes to the point system, the new map vote layout and the new ranked system are a great addition. The new store however needs search and filter updates.

Your achievement design and commitment to achievement hunters are terrible.


The ranked system might get bugged UI wise while in lobby.
The ready to upgrade card UI bug that you already know of.
Various tour objectives do not track correctly.
Some event matches end right after start giving the win and MVP to any team (normally COG).

Edit 1:

Also, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to use the snipers? I normally suck with that in G5 but I’ve been hitting headshots consistently.

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It’s starting to feel like the wizarding world of Sera. Cole setting himself on fire. Shooting enemies with bullets freezes them or gives you a magic shield. I don’t like all of that.

I’m excited about the class character separation for op 5 though. That means Kat will have all engineer cards to choose from right?

Go to my tour and complete those objectives for GC.

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The elemental statuses that can be applied even though far from realistic allow to increase gameplay diversity which I do welcome, however I must say I’ve requested a classic PvE experience since the release of Gears 3.

I’m excited about the class character separation for op 5 though. That means Kat will have all engineer cards to choose from right?

As far as I know it would mean she has access to any class, be it engineer, tank, scout or whatever…

Go to my tour and complete those objectives for GC.

I know, but for example in escape finishing the featured hive within the Top 1% (Or 5% I don’t know) gives you 7500 GC, Is there something like that for horde?

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I’ve been getting GC for horde by completing whatever it says in the objectives list. One was kill an enemy with a heavy weapon. One said kill 5 enemies with grenades. I guess we’re talking about the same thing. These new Gears coins… It gives you stars. Then when you fill up the star meter it gives you coins. Sometimes. Sometimes the reward is a weapon or character skin.

I totally agree with you on King Of The Hill. Way to much Lancer fire. They Need to LOWER THE AMMO COUNT TO 100 ROUNDS IN THE LANCER

Even with only 100 bullets in the magazine I believe the lancer walls would still exist (Lots of incoming ammo from dead bodies), perhaps reduced stopping power-damage to allow people to push them would be it,

Yet it’s the same problem, how much does they need to change the balance to make it a viable support weapon but not an impossible defense to breakthrough when used as with all the team.

The lancer is basically already a “marshmallow gun” as other have referred to it. In addition, people can literally run thru lancer fire & gib you, which is players have started to lancer together to combat the low damage & stop wall bouncers. Why do gnasher fanboys always think everything needs to be fixed once it’s not something beneficial to them? :confused: You’re the ones that caused this…

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people can literally run thru lancer fire & gib you,

With one or even two lancers firing at you it’s possible to overcome it if the lancer side are bad enough with 3 or more, it’s impossible.

I’m no pro (Certainly no wallbouncer freak), but I do believe lancer (as I say) is fine from and individual standpoint,

The problem it’s not with a supportive style of play that’s ok, the problem is that now holding the hills resumes in 3 - 5 people creating a lancer wall, making it impossible to break the hill, if you have a power weapon that could help to break their position and start the push, but if you don’t it’s either die trying to break for them to take the less quantity of points or surrender that hill and go to next way earlier.

The purpose of flashbangs (apart from separating stun from smoke) was to be able to break the strong rifle positions, but with the range and duration it has now they are not very useful.

I use flashbangs all the time though, and they work… Just gotta get the timing right (thank god they put them back as a loadout option!). I whole heatedly agree with you & the OP @MauRo_NRa, in that I do think the lancer is balanced from an individual standpoint. I get that the “lancer wall” is very annoying at times, but people are trying to protect the ring the best way they know how, especially with the inconsistency of the gnasher, & being able to outmaneuver gunfire is what separates the good players from the bad ones.

Lowering ammo count or trying to nerf the weapon is definitely not the solution :unamused:

Why the ■■■■ is free for all in ranked? Who asked for this garbage instead of escalation? Like I’ve watched this dumb company ruin ranked slowly op by op and what’s with the stupid team member amounts? I have to drop a squad mate if I wanna go play tdm? I dont see why quick play doesnt autofill anymore. Like honestly you guys kinda killed multiplayer for the game. I dont see it bringing in players other than fan boys. And I’ve been a long time gears fan. Played since the first. Bring back cliff.

The reason why 5 stack teams are crossing with lancers all the time is that it is the meta way to win the matches and rank up at the moment. This is because the lag compensation gives the player +0,5 sec advantage or disadvantage every game. This makes the gnasher inconsistent no matter how TC mods the weapons and ranges. You can be god with the gnasher one game and can’t hit anything the next game.

This inconsistancy doesn’t affect as much if you lancer cross which is not reliant on that crusial shot. Other reasons are the slow movement speed and the rank system which only values team wins.

So my feedback for the versus is that make the lag compensation less apparent and the movement speed faster. Plus award GP to the losing teams top 1-2 players.

What do you expect? You’re being shot with 30+ bullets in the span of 3-4 seconds.