Operation 4 - Characters

So operation 4 will soon be with us! What characters does everyone think we will get? Obviously in the trailer we see Dom which is great! How many more will we get? Who thinks Anya will be with us !

Grenadier & Skorge for Swarm side, Paduk for COG, other characters are anyone’s guess really.

I really wanna see Sam though, Baird needs some excitement :kissing_heart:

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But Baird has his AI sex robot though?


Yeah but Sam got a sexy Australian accent…

Could maybe get a skin for Jack that’s differently colored, maybe more yellow to signify it’s the AI, what’d he call her? Alice or something?

Like the Batista skin where instead of beeps and whatever Jack makes it’d have voice lines from the AI.

Not as sexy as Dizzy red neck accent

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“Lemme light up Betty’s tittiess”


Fun fact: IRIS is voiced by the wife of Tom Bissell who wrote Gears Judgment, Gears of War 4 and Gears 5.

Edit: Her name is Trisha Miller


You mean Jack!? :upside_down_face:

Liked to have Tai Kaliso.:sunglasses:

Someone made a drawing on Reddit. I can see it being a skin for DB.

My boy Skorge has gotta be in this…
Grenadier is kinda a lock in my opinion as it’s the last Locust Subspecies foot soilder to be in the game. & COG Paduk & maybe Anya? Will be good to see Hoffman and Minh also.

They said it’s going to be the biggest drop of characters since launch so I assume there’s gonna be quite a few of them :thinking:

I’m guessing at least 7+.

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For the COG: Dom and Paduk
For the Swarm: Locust Grenadier and Skorge

Mid operation characters: Sam, and Oscar

Dream character: Locust Boomer …

Got to be Skorge for the Locust surely?

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I really think they should get all the old characters back in ASAP, Anya, Sam, and Minh have already been in past Gears MP so I’d like to see them all come back (especially Sam) :sob:

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