Operation 4 blood / stun bugs out of hand

First of all, to those who say “stop pointing it out or TC will patch it” need to give it up, obviously TC is aware of all these issues. That being said, what I thought were minor bugs are actually common and plentiful. So far what I’ve found:

-Grace’s bleed is broken. If she’s carrying a Breaker Mace and has a bleed card for it equipped, all her barriers cause bleed damage. Dumb.

-Kait’s bleed works fine.

-Lizzie, if she has her Hammer card equipped, her barriers stun enemies. Highly unbalancing effect in game. I’m not 100% sure, but I think if her barriers stun I’m not sure if they still cause freeze damage still too?

-Fahz I haven’t seen his freeze card doing anything, like operation 3? Correct me if I’m wrong here.

-Mac, his bleed card works for me in Escape, not at all in Horde anymore, they’ve completely ruined his character for PvE.

-Paduk, bleed seems very inconsistent. The damage applied seems off compared to what is inflicted with his weapons, but his grenades and barriers also cause bleed damage if he does. Great?

Am I missing any or has anyone had experiences different than mine?

Again you might be mad I’m calling out all these bugs because some make Horde super easy and unbalanced, but is that actually “fun”?

I killed swarmak freezing his one glowing thing with full mag

I’ve noticed Fahz (if that’s who you’re referring to) works for some but not others. His freeze does nothing for me, ever.

Also I’ll point out Grace’s bleed works for barriers but the actual bleed for the Breaker Mace doesn’t work at all. Meaning, while it causes bleed for barriers it doesn’t cause bleed for the actual mace. Broken.

Fahz needs active reload and get critical hit point hit.

I understand, still nothing for me.

If it wasn’t this it would be something else.
There will always be someone doing something you don’t like.
That’s part of playing public.

No, they are definitely bugs. There’s a difference between using weird tactics and exploiting bugs.

I don’t mind the Lizzie barriers because 1) she can still put in work with the Dropshot while keeping the effect and 2) her barriers don’t just automatically kill most of the enemies.

The Paduk and Grace barriers are silly. Literally someone just hiding in the base doing nothing and hoping not to die just so the barriers bleed. Whenever I’m in a room that this happening in, I always hope for a Matriarch to just run in and destroy those precious barriers so I can have a good laugh.

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Yes this is precisely my point. The Lizzie freeze barriers made sense because that is how the card is written, but the Paduk and Grace stuff is ridiculous.

Now, I’m wondering, if Grace’s bleed fails on her Breaker Mace but can cause bleed barriers, I wonder if Mac is the same? His active shot bleed is broken for me, but maybe he can do bleed barriers too? I haven’t tried.

Apparently anyone with a bleed card can have bleed barriers if they hold a specific weapon in hand and/or meet specific parameters (i.e. Paduk having Armored Shot card equipped) with the exception of Baird whose Bloody Support card was patched a while ago to prevent this.

Edit: Don’t know about Mac though, because he has to hit an active with Boltok to get bleeding. Perhaps he has to hit actives constantly to keep the effect.

I would say that Grace has an increase in purchases ever since the bleed exploit became public knowlege. I was in a match yesterday with a Grace who used bleed barriers and I was bored out of my mind. Just sat there for most of it watching how it all worked and fired a shot here and there lol

Lizzies barriers still freeze enemies but also stun at the same time which means I can walk up to any enemy and knife them as long as they are in the barriers. Played master earlier on with this and in a sense it was fun but would not be my go to strategy for Horde.

They can be fun and they can be boring but whether or not TC patches doesn’t bother me. Its not my place to dictate how Horde should be played. I am concerened that if they patch the barriers for Lizzie will we lose the freezing damage on them too? Other than that if people don’t wanna take part in this gameplay then host your own games and state what you want to do in horde.

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I think my biggest problem with all this is that ultimately it breaks characters which then is essentially breaking Horde itself.

It’s not just that Grace causes bleed barriers, it’s that her Breaker Mace doesn’t bleed at all now, meaning you equip that card for it to not do at all what it was designed to do.

Wah wah wah cry cry cry sob sob

I think the bugs are awesome. You’re just cry babies calling the fun police

Typically mature response of those thinking bugs are a feature. Try using some skill to get better instead. As it stands, I think playing Grace “blood matches” is incredibly boring.

Any match using the bleed glitch is boring, always has been. It makes Master look like Beginner which should certainly not be the case. Yet even without the bleeding glitch, Marcus also wipes waves of enemies (now even better than pre-OP4) essentially also making Horde a cake-walk.

It’s a game with 8 difficulties, yet I’d say the majority of players can easily complete a Horde on the highest difficulty. I doubt that this is supposed to be intended… yet again, if they were to fix/change those things to actually make Master look like the highest difficulty, I assume that some players would start to complain that the highest difficulty is too hard. I’ll never understand those people if there’s 8 available difficulties to chose from…

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Well you guys cried and cried about JD JD JD…you finally got your wish and he was brought down a notch, but now you have several amazing options for DPS and you all want them nerfed. What a joke. I agree Grace is completely broken but in a hilarious way, we all know that will be fixed eventually so why not just enjoy the good times and the speed runs while they last? I don’t know about you all but I’ve already mastered every map several times over with pretty much every character and I could use the easy XP and cards while saving some time.

Oh and Fahz’s Icy Precision card does work but only on high health enemies like Stumps, Carriers, Snatchers, etc. I was running Malfunction the other night and froze a Stump with 3 shots from a Markza. You can probably freeze a Scion if you land every shot but it’s not often you proc it.

Hey is Marcus’ ultimate glitched? The auto head hit seems normal but the super fast speed shooting and auto reload, is that “supposed” to be happening? I played a solo horde frenzy game and on wave 8 I encountered 3 carriers, I did 1.4 million damage and charged my ultimate so high it lasted 3 more rounds. Um…is that normal? :flushed:

In OP3 some players were able to make it last the entire game.

The automatic reload is new with OP4. They mentioned it in the patch notes. You’re fireing so fast because they are all active bullets (also new with OP4).

There is no limit for the duration of the Ultimate, therefore you can extend it indefinitely. More rifle hits => longer duration.

When I am with COG and next to Marcus who using his ultimate then I also shoot more faster. And I also use helpful headshot so both me and Marcus got the stim. :sunglasses: