Operation 4 big changes (Clayton)

So this is for the Clayton mains cause im sure others will have the same question. As most people know, Claytons, bread n butter was stun explosives, and one of his passives is now geared towards heavy weapons. Specifically chain guns. Basically, in short, im asking if salvo is considered a “chain gun” game mechanic wise. Would really make Clay as useful as someone like JD, or on the flipside, id just go with Mulcher specialist. So far from testing i couldnt tell but it may just be me (if im still confusing and all over the place, Clay now gets chaingun ammo regen instead of ammo regen, does salvo count as chain gun for both ammo regen and stun explosives perk)

No. Chain gun is only mulcher or tri shot.

I’m a horde player. And I really like his bleed on torque bow because it gives me more range. Although his stun only effects from 15 metre distance but he still is awesome to play on horde

Does the new dmg perk increase the heavy weapon dmg?

Yeah, from what I could tell, it’s an all-around damage upgrade. Torque, grenades, tri-shot, ect.