Operation 3's delay is actually a good thing IMO

To me it shows that TC is prioritizing properly, focusing on the core mechanics of the game first before releasing new content (which the community has shown frustration in). Comments like…“Fix your game first!” pop up all the time.

Get the core gameplay in a great place, then drop Operation 3. This way people can full enjoy the new season. Recent updates have already significantly improved the core game. I would prefer they continue on this roadmap before shifting focus again.

Yes it sucks that we have to wait essentially another month, but if it means a better game in the long run, then so be it. That being said, Operation 3 better be filled to the brim with great content, and feature a minimum of 4 new maps/remakes, if not more.

Now let the countdown begin.


Don’t hold your breath man. A month longer wait does not 100% mean a working update and better content.


I agree with the general sentiment of your post. But im not happy with TC as of right now. Maybe time will heal my wounds lol. Not because of the Operation 3 delay, but because of two major Gnasher tuning changes in two weeks.

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@Link23809 so its going to be released on APRIL ?? !

my god man its a loong time :frowning:

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We shall see I guess.

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I am actually nowhere near done completing the tour for this op too.

Wasn’t really trying but I might be able to now.

It is important for them to nail game improvements with potential amount of people coming in each op.

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Not for me… four more weeks to remember to play Ranked for the Grind Season achievement…

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lol I’m in the same boat. Didn’t do it in Op1 but I am keeping up in Op2. Made some good friends along the way in Ranked so it has been worth it to me.

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I was wondering why there was 4 more weeks when I got on today in the TOD… I agree with their focus on fixing the game being a priority, but not over scheduled content releases. Why not get the operation out, since the dust is still settling from the recent balance changes, then make changes throughout op3? Either way we’ll have our balance changes and new content soon, I’m just of the mind that if you set yourself on a schedule with your community/customers you should keep to it.

Op3 gimme Cole Train and Clocktower! Or Gridlock :smiley:

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Can understand what you are saying but more players will probably move on to another game. There is a severe lack of maps and characters in this game and people will get bored.

TC decided to go down the route of drip feeding content into the game rather than having a decent amount at launch. They really can’t afford to kero delaying new content with all the new games about to come out.


I don’t think it works like that. The ranked weeks are at 11 out of 12 right now so I’d assume you get the achievement if you do the 12 weeks which means there is only next week left.

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This isn’t acceptable by any means. They built their deadline and communicated it for the last 11 weeks. Now that we’re less than two weeks away they push it out nearly a month?

This is the type of thing I could have let slide had Operation 2 actually contained even remotely the content it should have or had they announced this delay with a significant amount of time left in the standard operation timing. They need to be better. They need to be able to project when they won’t meet deadlines and communicate that early to the fans of this game that have put up with the constant tuning, persistent bugs, and general lack of content after nearly 6 months.

Hell, they can’t even give a teaser trailer to cushion the bad news? We don’t even know what the f*** we are waiting on at this point. We don’t. We hope and pray that there will be 4-5 maps, characters, and fixes across the board. That’s just the ramblings of a content deprived playerbase that continues to try to see the silver lining while we constantly smack TCs hands as they attempt to reach into our pocket and fetch out our wallets.

I’m done making excuses for a team that literally doesn’t even comprehend what a deadline is. Inexcusable.


Good ol’ positive Link


I hope that’s the case. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Fair enough, but this is more common than you think. Even Fortnite which has been doing this sort of content and scheduling for years, delayed their latest season multiple times as they prioritized and worked on game mechanics.

It happens. As long as there is good reason for it and the dev is communicating properly, then it is fine.

Relative to the general state of things (ie abysmal) it can’t really be a bad thing. At least, not a bad thing of note, such is its competition.

I remember OP2 was going to be the saviour of Gears 5. How’d that work out…

Now it seems OP3 is going to be the saviour. I really hope it’s not another “How’d that work out…” in a few months time.

Operation 2 was very good and brought a lot of solid content to Gears 5. It just lacked heavily in Versus maps.

Operation 3 needs to deliver with Versus maps.

Didn’t operation 1 get extended for a week or two with the same promise?

I’m asking this as a serious, non-combative question: what was the “solid content” that you’re referring to?

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