Operation 3 Trailer?

@TC_Octus, @TC_MichaelAOS, @GhostofDelta2

Who is voiceing the trailer for the next season/Operation 3/Tour of Duty 3?

Please consider @GhostofDelta2 - they work so hard moderating this forum and it’d be nice to let them have a place in GoW history as a reward :slight_smile:

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I am definitely not a VA, and I doubt half the people would be able to understand a word I was saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got the first re-up in Gears 4 and 5 according to TA, plus topped the Gears leaderboards a few times, currently occupied by @Lambent_Lail , I certainly don’t need anything else though your sentiment is appreciated.


Especially when you throw in some of those Aussie slang words that I don’t even think Aussies know what they mean half the time

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Streuth! .Bloomin onion m8.


I’m guessing you said Truth, outback steak house?


I want shino.

I’m not here to fack spiders okay?

(Is that actually a thing people say?)

Ryan Cleven voiced the one for Operation 2 I believe…

But you have such a beautiful voice. I would watch this every day while I was…never mind

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