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Operation 3 Thoughts

I honestly think that this operation looks and sounds much more better then the previous operations. This is a big step in the right direction. Some of you guys might think otherwise saying it doesn’t offer us alot of skins ,maps, and content. Just think about it for a quick moment, they are gonna release maps, they said it themselves on the latest whats up. It is gonna happen. I get that canals isn’t that much but its better then having no classic maps at all. The skins on the other hand are still cool, just thank God they released recruit Clayton, possibly the savage locust and the palace gaurd. Did you guys know that we couldn’t play as the palace gaurd in gears 3 right…?. And the fact that they brought back recruit Clayton. And who knows, they might even add Beast Mode in the next operation.

As far as I can tell they’re not bringing Savage Locust back - yet - and instead are taking a “Savage” skin twist on the Swarm Drone variants.

Not to be a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy but TC has said a lot of things. We’ve been asking for maps since the release and TC should have been saying the things they are saying now 4/5 months ago.

The fact that the community was in an uproar after Op 2 released and we only got 1 new map and f ucking lift and they turn around and do the same exact thing for Op 3 is a joke man. Turning their focus into maps now is a little late.

TC keeps saying they are listening to us but that doesnt mean they are hearing us. Even during Gears 4s life we kept asking for remakes of maps that havent been remade before yet TC keeps giving us remakes of maps no one wants.

Yea some of the other skins look good, but they are gonna keep adding modes to a game with a declining player base which isnt really a good thing unless they do something to bring the player back.


Someone knows at what hour will the changelog about PVP show up?

6-9 PM GMT usually, so around 2-5 hours from now.

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My thoughts exactly :ok_hand:

I do believe they will, the question is when or more importantly, will I still be playing the game by the time they release them?

2 maps for OP2 was a joke and after a month delay I truly hoped for OP3 to go out with a bang but what did we get? 2.

I no longer believe I will stick around for OP4.

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No but we could in Gears 4, where were you?

But I expect it to be $2.50 in the store.

I think he alluded “Possibly” because once one type gets added (Winter, Desert) they make an accompanying skin for all of the popular characters.

Sure. I guess Lizzie isn’t popular then.

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Well TC’s always right, aren’t they? Notice that Baird got 90% of the OP2 Skins, whereas the new characters they’re proud of (Lizzie, Mac, Keegan, Lahni)

Have all gotten 1 each.

I’m still pissed that somehow Baird deserves a Desert skin before Lizzie got a Winter skin. No consistency with skin releases. And they even have a Winter Armor skin for Cole in Op 3s Tour already judging by some images.

Lizzie did get two skins but they’re both equally terrible and not worth paying attention to regardless.

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I think her main is descent. Would like to see a more armored variant and Winter though, it seems her standard could pass for desert.

Her main skin is ok. But Hivebuster and Motor Pool? Not so much.

I totally forgot Motor Pool was a thing, that’s why I thought Hivebuster was her only one----

Okay makes more sense now. Should give her an “Outsiders” Outfit where it’s just Lizzie wearing Gary’s outfit but with her brown jacket.

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I concur

I like that idea. More Lizzie skins, the better :grin:

It’s been a couple months since I really played Gears 5 besides logging in to see the weekly items. Even longer since I’ve been on here.

Operation 3 looks decent. My real goal is to get the Recruit Clay skin as it was one of my faves from Gears of War 3. Other than that, not too much else. Gridiron isn’t tickling my fancy but we’ll see after I try it out. I’ve been proven wrong on MANY occasions, lol.

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