Operation 3 skins and variants and rant

Sooo, will Op3 skins be abundant this time around? Like will we get more skins than we did for Op2 and will they be new or old reskins?

Honestly I took a break from Gears around the start of the Free for all update, came back and finished all the. ToD and stuff that rewards cosmetics. Was it just me or there was less skins and decent rewards to get?

I checked the shop every week saw Baird get his more than fair share of skins (not one was a old Baird tho which annoys me cause I like old Baird and really wanted him and Marcus to match ugh) some good, some pretty meh.

Now I know people don’t wanna spend more money I get it BUT why can’t they at least give skins (weapons and characters) more evenly. All the other skins were at the end of the pass and Classic Baird is the only one you earn with medals. I really wanted Onyx weapons too, grinding that out was yucky, split into three sets and making me play everything to get it felt like a chore. I don’t mind grinding for a set BUT a part of a set is bologna I know you can make matte and metallic colors semi easy TC.

Op1 had a alot to unlock and a bunch of skins too,still mad they forced Onyx Guards as a Cog gear skin (which is beyond asinine wtf) Op2 had some good stuff that was there especially the Onyx set stuff which was my fave BUT all those sprays, emotes and banners. Waste of space imo, just the most plain stuff when in Op1 you got Desert JD or Del for doing grindy stuff lol.

So to close my very obtuse rant, I hope Op3 has alot of good skins to earn that players want and that they aren’t cut up rewards to pad out stuff.

Tldr : came back to Gears 5 like two weeks ago after update come out, not alot of unlockables and what was there was kinda meh. (played til I got Onyx Guards when it launched) Hopefully Op3 has more stuff at least and is offered more frequently. Not sprays or janky 2 second emotes saying stuff or cut up weapon sets while the store sells them 5 bucks apiece a set to complete the dang whole weapon set.