Operation 3 Overload... Human, you are just embarrassing youself

Operation 3!!! and the Servers are malfunctioning… malfunctioning… Malfunctioning!!!

So i log on and have 3 hours of boost left from the previous day and start a private horde match. Looked at my objectives and they were easy enough! I complete 50 waves on Inconcievable, and nothing… it did not register my points, objectives, kills… nothing…

It gave me the message that the servers were acting up. I restarted my Xbox, and it looked to fix the problem, started horde again. I played until wave 41 just to get kicked out and nothing registering again!

I thought 3rd time is a charm? nope… 48 waves… nothing. all the while showing that I completed my objectives, unlocked Clayton Carmine and everything, just to get out of the match to show an empty clip.

I am sure this is due to the huge amount of players who have waited like myself for Operation 3 and with everyone on lock down, but TC could have better prepared for this you would think?! Seeing what happend the first week of lockdown would have gave a forskin of what was about to emerge!?

I know I am not the only one experiencing these issues, but such hype, such excitement… Just to be let down again!

TC, please find it in your hearts to reimburse us players for the issues, time lost knocking out games in vain, and broken hearts/souls.

For a future, happy gaming everyone…


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