Operation 3 movement - Feedback thread

I am creating a master thread as I have seen a few responses on this topic

Collating here so TC can see people’s thoughts.



movement is completely different…

are you kidding me?


How so, While i dont play much versus it felt the same to me.

Please god tell me it isnt slower. Ive taken up for tc way too long. But this will be the nail in the coffin.

Is it slower , same or faster ( doubt it)

Slower hahahahaha its absolutly shocking it has ruind the game completly its like half the speed it was so annoyed ive played this game all way through non stop this is go take me off it


How did it change for you/you all?

To me, the speed seems about the same but the game feels heavier. The cancel windows don’t seem as lenient as they were but I also haven’t played that much over the last week so it could be some slight rust.

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I could tell soon as i did the first rodee run, its was going that slow i would have gone backwards if it had gone any slower, im like Masters top 10% on koth masters top 7% on tdm i could easily wall bounce round everyone get triples and quad feeds i couldn’t even string a smooth wallbounce just doing it on my own its so blocky like your wall bouncing with weights in your pockets its a lot different so bad


HOW DID THEY MAKE IT PLAY EVEN CLUNKIER??!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

TC you guys are so trash it’s amazing. How could you release it playing like this? Feels like I’m running in mollasses. Who thought this was good? Are TC even Gears fans, or are they just a bunch of cover hugging Lancer muskrats? Up A is dead, the movement is slow & I think rolling might be faster than running now.

It sure would be nice to have some Gears fans at TC, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

Lol what a team of absolute Gnasher hating noobs. :joy:


Go and read the patch notes…

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Why would they ever slow down the movement speed slower then it already is? Not like they actually built a game that isn’t bugged as hell in ranked match making already. Now you take every ounce of fun out with super slow around the wall animations and destroy any type of strafing movement? Stop worrying about stuff that people actually enjoy, like movement speed. Fix something that actually needs to be fixed like the loading screen glitch when playing with others that doesn’t allow you to vote on a map. How can you be 10-13 years into developing a gaming series and yet going so far back by doing stupid updates that slow down movement speed when that’s what separates the game from other 1st and 3rd person shooters. Please make the moving and strafing speed faster not slower, we want competition, not ■■■■■ play.


Noob friendly again

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I really enjoyed they slowed the pace, Now we can play in a more tactical way instead of that confusing smashing button way.


Havnt played yet. Im at work.
I world like to know how the movement update is.

Is it slower, same or faster ( doubt it)

Thanks for any response.

Im praying its not slower.

From my little bit of playing, if it has changed the changes are negligible, still feels the same to me.

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Same. i couldn’t feel any difference and there wasn’t anything in the patch notes about it.

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Has movement been changed in PVE too?

I dunno if it’s just me, but Escape feels VERY slow and clunky.

Also, I keep getting into those situations where I’m trying to roll away from an enemy and I end up rolling into them because the camera all of a sudden decides to shift 180 degrees for no known reason. It’s been happening alot today.

Movement is terribly slow and not fun. It’s like you’re running in quicksand. It probably feels great if you’ve never played the game before, but after taking time to build close-combat skills like rodee run, strafing, up A, and wall bouncing, it all seems to be a waste.


That’s been happening since launch. I’ve been trying to get a TC response on that obnoxious 180 rolling for a while too. They keep ignoring it. It happens, to my understanding based on observations, because the game falsely registers inputs or double inputs at times so it thinks you’re starting to run in the direction you hold your stick, then you let go of A and roll in entirely the wrong direction. I lost count how often it has gotten me killed against Poppers, Scions or regular Juvies.


That simile of wall bouncing with weights is spot on. It’s horrible.

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Movement is horrible?@?@?@?@??@?@@ why are you making it more newb friendly ridiculous no skill needed at all now… you might asseell just lancer with 40 bullets and pistol with rapid fire.joke joke joke@!@@@@@@@@@

Fix your game. Waited all this time for this crap gridcrap laggy crap