Operation 3 - Jack Bug (Hijack explosion)

I have found that Jack’s hijack no longer consistently makes the enemy explode if they survive at the end of the hijack. They will then explode once they are damaged enough later. This has happened with various enemies on various difficulties.

(I have filled out a support ticket).

If anyone else has this experience please post details here.


Good luck with that


Once I hit level 18 with Jack I converted him to heal/support. Haven’t used the hijack big bada boom card in a while.

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I tend to use Explosive Hijack along with healing / support / smelting cards. It helps in Master runs where need to emergency explode something.

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I have only done 3 successful master runs in horde. Can never get a team together. Invite me if you ever need a fifth. I don’t mind operating trishots.


I’m still encountering this ‘bug.’

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I guess it isn’t fixed then.

Been playing more Escape than Horde lately so I haven’t been keeping tabs on it.