Operation 3 is broken

I find it odd that there seems to always be an error after the match which leaves me with no post match score…unless it’s a match my team loses of course. Is this happening for anybody else? Seriously, we could win 5 in a row and errors all over but we lose and the game is like “oh yea, you suck”.

Also can anybody tell me if they’re gonna fix the huge difference in your score between winning and losing? I’ve noticed up until O3 I could go 15 - 7 with a score of 2000 and our team wins but for each round it shows I’m getting like 20 to 40 points. When we lose I lose close to 400 points a round. It’s insane.


Errors are normally due to servers. Was getting this too. Could be the extra people online for new Operation.

TC just don’t seem to learn.

With the ranking system,

All we know is that they’re working on it and it will take time.


But that’s how it is.

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