Operation 3 - Horde Updates

It’s only more powerful against every enemy except Bastions and close quarter. I mean, it’s easier to land Boomshot at a Sire or Juvie charging for you than pointing a laser or firing bullets.

But yeah, more risk element to preserve Lancer GL guns. The Boomshot is actually similar powerful as GL, except when it comes to flyers and Bosses. I mean, I have tried Boomshot-only JD and it sucks when Boss / flyers come in. Not enough damage, so better to resort to GL. Against every other ground enemy, the Boomshot is pretty good.

And since Marcus / COG Gear benefitting from Lancer GL is more clearer, more money to spend on them…

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In terms of the damage it can do, yeah it’s pretty similar. I guess the main difference is that with the GL you just need to be smart and creative with our environment and where you plant your targeting laser. A half-decent player should be able to use barriers and the environment to create large-scale kill zones and be able to avoid alot of fire.

Having said that, I’ve seen many JD’s who seem to struggle with even basics like anticipating enemy movement and planting the targeting laser ahead of moving enemies to get the most boom per shot.

I wonder how many people will complain about these JD changes?

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Just finished getting through it all. Lots of good changes and maybe some not so much.

  • First off, they finally addressed Ammo. Shud be a lot more frequent now and weapon pick ups off the ground now give more.

  • All maps added to Horde Frenzy, but c’mon custom lobbies should be ready.

  • They flat out made some characters more viable and worth using (Baird, Lizzie, Kait, Fahz)

  • Swapping out JD’s GL for a Boom, hmm this will probably piss quite a few ppl off.

  • They nerded Leeches (THANK YOU)

  • Some nice QoL changes.

  • No mention of duplicate characters though, unless I missed it. This should be addressed asap.

Overall pretty good, but they could have done more. I may actually main Fahz now. Looking for to trying the new Horde on Tuesday.


This may get mentioned on Monday 30th patch notes. Or it may not have gotten patched.

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So JD is just gonna steal all the power to buy GLs? Yaaay buuu


Edit: The GL costs 3,000. But for a Level 4 Locker of 4 GL’s, that’s 12k. It’s too much in early waves. But people should get used to not relying on GL’s. Like using the Custom Boomshot card. The Wave 10 boss can be killed without having GL. Or just buying one GL on active rounds is enough to K.O boss. Don’t need two to four GL’s.


I thought GLs were 3,000 while Boomshots are 5,000.

I’ll check in-game later. They may change the price after update. The GL being cheaper than Boomshot doesn’t make sense. When Boomshot becomes starting loadout, GL and Boomshot price may change.

He’s right - GL is currently 3000. I had a look just now.

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I like most of the areas that were buffed. I would have like to have seen more. JD was clothes-lined by the nerf stick. I wish they would have bumped Jack with some new reasons to play as him (it?).

Fahz’s Icy Precision, a gold card, increases ice damage from 10% at level 1 to 17% at level 5. No scrap should ever be spent to upgrade that marginal increase. Also, it must 1: be an active reload, 2: be a precision weapon, 3: be a weakspot hit. Even at level 5 you’d need to hit a weakspot 6 times with active bullets to reach the 100% ice damage. Is 100% required to freeze? How many rounds to you get in an active reload Marksa clip? A long shot or embar will take multiple reloads. Unless this card works differently than it reads to me (which would not be new for skill cards), I think it will continue to go unused.
Glad they made Explosive Critical hit apply at all times.
I have more thoughts, but will leave it at that for now.

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Good changes, however, I see problems occurring.

JD will probably buy 3 GLs from the Fab, I can see that going well (/ sarcasm) in public matches.

Also, I think this is a bad patch for Keegan, a few buffs to Fahz, and the Boomshot for JD will make him less useful.

Like the Baird changes. I like the changes on the whole. Very good TC.

The only issue is, it took 7 months for this update to come around. And for me, unless the Monday’s patch notes contain something different, the mode is still going to be struggling on new content. No Leaderboard rewards, for example.

It still baffles me that it took 7 months for this.


It’s not certain. I’m hoping the Markza stays with 10 rounds clip. But the Versus tuning yesterday mentioned the Markza getting reduced to 8 rounds.

Some changes are good but the rest… Instead of making the characters more powerful, you do this…
and now you remove the lancer LG to JD. genius, forcing us only to play de way you want.

And what’s your problem if I want to play this way? and the “grenade glitch” that some people want to remove. Really?
I’m fed up with TC and their “smart” decisions.


The Markza has 10 shots in one clip(currently - it should stay there unless for some forsaken reason the 8 shot Versus Markza is also applied to Horde to mess the weapon up). It is entirely sufficient for the freeze to be fully there - but you have to consider that the Legendary activates even on partially frozen enemies, which will make Fahz have some more damage potential. But it may be useless for Ambush then, unless you’re using a Torque Bow or Longshot?

The Boltok also has six shots in one clip(or mag, whichever is accurate). Also capable of freezing an enemy with it, but unreliable due to occasional questionable accuracy.

I was referring to myself. You can play however you like.

"Population is higher than Gears 3 after 18 months. "

I still laugh at that statement to this day.



Neat, i hope its roar by katy perry.


Somehow I suspect it won’t be the case.