Operation 3 Hives not counting

Did the update today for 0p4 but still needed to clean up some Op3 Hives for the achievement. Upon completion I am not receiving any credit towards the achievement nor does it show an actual time for the maps I just completed as if I had never played them.

I think the servers have turned to mush since the update cos they’re so busy. My stats aren’t showing - like my Escape and Horde stats all say 0/27 etc, so it’s not just you.

I cleared the new hive The Malfunction twice on master and got the medal in TOD, but there’s nothing on the high score table. I notice there are very few people on it as well, so I suspect the problems started an hour or two after the Operation went live so some people were able to record their results but as it got busier it’s just not recording properly.

Hopefully TC have it all recorded on their backend and it’ll update once the servers are less busy.

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Thanks I kind of figured it was a server error . I just didn’t want things to glitch out. Much appreciated