Operation 3: Gridiron

Where is Anthony and Ben ?

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I guess your hype level went down the drain huh?


How many maps had we had in 4 by this same date. And I don’t give a toss that these are free. I would happily pay £50+ for 5-10 Map pack if it meant getting more content.


Well, I like the Gridiron mode, and Pahanu looks good.

And I know you have mentioned about Horde and VS maps, but 2 maps? Seriously? By July it will be 4 maps in 9 months.

The Horde patch notes better be good, otherwise Gears 5 will continue to be played less by me, I’ve barely played in the last 2/3 weeks. And by the looks of this, I don’t see that changing.


With canals it’ll be just like gears of war 4 now…you know, just with less content still


I was almost right!

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i Was starting to think people were gonna be happy with canals being in the game again.

THANKFULLY I was wrong. People are seeing how stupid this is. Another rehashed map, and the same map look pulled straight from g4.

I DO NOT want to play g4 maps. G2 maps are the ones we haven’t seen in a long time!

That’s 1 map. It looks very good, I’m getting bullet marsh vibes. It’s new and interesting. I don’t understand what they’re getting here. We like your NEW maps TC. That’s why we want more creations from you. You have the ability to create new and decent maps.

This will not bring me back. I’m also not a fan of 1 life ctf. Thanks but no thanks.

For shame Tc. For shame.


I know mate. Why the F not give us maps we have been asking for since 2016? It makes no sense.
I have said before that TC could make it so much easier on themselves. The seem to actively enjoy not giving us what we want.

At the very least with Canals let the water rise… and be hazardous and let one if the Bridges collapse. For the love of Gears not a simple repeat albeit with “better” lighting!

I repeat new map looks great but servely disappointed yet again.


Anyone else a little skeptical of the one life with Gridiron? Sounds like it’s going to be a whole lot of camping one area near flag instead of trying to cap.


I am very happy i get atleast 2 new 2 v 2 maps. But i know people are going to be pissed with only canals ( of all maps) for verses.

I don’t think i will even play gridiron once. Tht sht aint gears. And gears is NOT FORTNITE PUB G or whonever.
Wtf js this fireball cole train b.s.

Its corny af.


The sht looks dumb af. I don’t play arcade mode. Now there is another version of it.
Tht sht aint gears and never will be

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I do feel the game will drop out of the top 50 in 2-3 weeks for sure. I would be surprised if it doesn’t at this point. I mean seriously, 1 new map for PVP? I’m wondering what the achievements will be too now…


Looks pretty good, do wish Anthony and Ben were included though. Also not sure how much of a fan I’m gonna be of pahanu and hopefully the tour rewards are better than what’s shown cause nothing there outside of the Cole and Clay ones excite me

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Only word I can think of to best describe this operation…disappointed


I dont even think tht new map is for versus. Its gridion only. Like ffa would be with their 3 same ol maps

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Re Cole, totally agree. The totally stupid idea(I mean for F sake) of trying to make Gears a Hero shooter. I mean who signed off on that decession? Probably the worst misstep since Epic and PCF told us we wanted (Halo) red v blue in our multiplayer.

It HAS to be gone for Gears 6, likewise we don’t want any BR modes.


Yeeeeaaa baby, about time Cole and Clay got back in.

Cole might make me play Horde for a bit, maybe.

Gridiron sounds like a lot of fun, although the single life is a bit iffy.

New map looks cool, but I’m disappointed in not having more main maps. Let alone new ones.

Did you forget the Comet* Roadie Run from Gears 3?
Or does Gears 3 get a pass because it’s Gears 3?

How bout the Rainbow blood?
Or the chicken easter eggs?

Damn, Gears 3 lookin a lot like forknife now huh?

Oh and the elemental cleavers too.


I hope the achievements are not as bad as Gears 4, and are not as frequent.

Achievements are a lazy way of artificially increasing play time in a game, and content, as I’ve mentioned back in 2018. Please don’t go down the same path TC.


This reveal is insulting to its player base on many levels. However, I will continue to keep a blind eye to the BS and play gears until I die. That is all.


Wow… just wow. Reading the skills for Cole - he may not only give JD a run for his money as a DPS but potentially eclipse him. And Clayton may be exactly what we’ve been wanting when a flyer comes in the top window of the base on Forge and otherwise kills everyone instantly.
It might end up being hell trying to get allowed to play either one of these guys without a good group; because of the only one restriction on heros in match making and the fact that even if you get your foot in the door someone can just knock you off of the guy you’re leveling up BUT… Damn baby… deflecting salvo rounds back at a flyer while giving the team he’d have just wiped out 90% DR is exciting as hell and Cole appears to have one of the most useful passives yet.
Did I mention that I’m excited?