Operation 3 - Gridiron

La Mariposa man. La Mariposa.

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Its not called " La mariposa " the correct name for that poem its " LA MARIPOSA DE OTOÑO" from Pablo Neruda.

It’s a good poem… I do know his work. :slight_smile:

you have great taste man @Nineteenth_Hour

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I had great teachers :+1:

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you have great teachers and a classic education… that’s great , nowadays kids are only taught Dr. Dre and 8 mile from Eminem … hahahahaa :smile:

Yeah man! Overrun is honestly the funnest modes I’ve played in this entire franchise. It’s just a damn shame I loathed the rest of MP and campaign and went back to Gears of War 3 after two months.

I love overun too appolgies (edit) i love gears like anyone on the forums, had a bad day, missunderstood. sorry for being an ■■■■!



No worries brother, life is hard for a lot of people right now so I understand the mood.

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When OP3 drops, I’ll pick it up. I have hopes.

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If they were ever to make a “real life equivalent” skin for Cole (like Batista as Marcus), it’s 100% gonna be Lester Speight lol.

It’d be a crime if it wasn’t tbh.

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Gridiron? Get Rid of Iron? Hehe.
Another thing that makes me laugh, for TC every 15th week does not exist, instead we have 16th week that had 14 days, haha. That’s how their math works :grinning:.
Luck for those people that still haven’t got the weekly win ranked match achivement (don’t know it’s English name)


I would get excited but the character grind was ridiculous in the last operation and i dont see it being any better for operation 3 so i will stick with the ones i have…when gears 6 comes out i will wait until its on sale

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How was it ridiculous? Like the skins in the tour or the actual characters? Both are easy and you get just by playing the game. I barely play and I have all but 2 characters but both are half completed. Haven’t turned this game on in a month and a half.

If anything it adds replay value to the game and adds a goal. People asked for these types of unlockables from gears 3. It works perfectly, while also adding the option for people to instantly unlock by using iron. You could even get a good amount of iron just by going through the tour. FREE iron.

I don’t see the problem here.


Please post in English as the forum policy says so.


I’m sorry @T0NY_HAYABUSA I didn’t write the portions in spanish into english… my bad…

will do next time :slight_smile:

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Does this apply to your username too? Should you now be “Tony the Peregrine”?:wink:

If Hayabusa was literally written in Japanese verbage then sure.

Please, let it be more characters. At this rate we’ll have all campaign characters somewhere in 2022. They must understand by now that they have to put some extra effort in new content right?

at most @Bakspatel what I’m getting its that they are going to give us 2 characters and 2 maps…

having the horde map editor its going to be a long shot …

I wouldn’t have my hopes high into OP3 to be honest. . however playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps, has really not making me care about OP3 at this point… my recommendation its for you to find a new immersive and complex game that you can have fun so you won’t be that much disappointed on OP3 .

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