Operation 3 - Gridiron

Why is everyone convinced we will get a new mode, have I missed something, I don’t do twatter, so maybe I’m out of the loop.

I would still rather maps over anything else.

I also love 2vs2.
But i think the priority is maps for all the other game modes.

Ummm. Hell no. You horde players juat got all your toys last week. Have fun with it.

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Hold on guys hear me out:

What if there is one Flag Carrier on each team (sort of like one Leader in Guardian) and you have to escort the FC into the enemy spawn (“end zone”)?

Rounds switch from Offense to Defense. This would truly require teamwork.


I would agree. But its not like they are making new maps. They are literally cutting and pasting from original maps. They even said . To make 2 v 2 maps it doesnt take alot of time at all.

right there. DONE.


That would be a really awesome, i would definitely come back to gears to play that.

New Hope.

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because each new Operation will launch with a new mode, this was stated by TC long ago.

now go look at the image they put out, it’s Cole holding a flag with the name of the OP being Gridiron. I came to the same conclusion many others did, new CTF mode called Gridiron

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This was confirmed by TC in dev streams :slight_smile:

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That could work too? Although New Hope often had more restricted corridors than what we mostly see in Escape tiles so far. Though I guess they could adapt it or work around that. And currently doesn’t really have the whole Swarm visuals in it, for the most part. The Kadar lab might work as well.

I don’t know if there’s been any ideas for incorporating some other outside areas than the helipad. But not sure if it’d then make sense with how the venom spreads. Even then it could visually be changed to be set in some other place with a hive or Locust burial site, since the COG has built burial caps around some of them like in the desert in this so-called Orzabal crater where JD and Del investigated a burial site. Is it necessary to mention this is a spoiler for the Ascendance novel or that it is part of it at this point in time?

Either way there is a lot of places that could be used as themes for Escape hives. I sure would take a more grown over looking place for a change once in a while rather than always mining facilities inside of a glacier.

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I was thinking theme with lasers and machine gun turrets.

ok @GhostofDelta2 so that means that its probable that horde still could be the focus of OP3 . ?

Yes, but TC will still do stuff for PVP.

OP3 has been confirmed to have a ton of balance changes, mainly buffs for Horde. Between OP3 and 4 we should expect level 6 cards.

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Finally only took them about 6-9 months since the games launch to add Clayton and Cole to the roster despite already being in the campaign already, god I hate this content plan but thank ■■■■ Clays back thats all I wanted now release it sooner then i’ll be happy to skip doom eternal til it goes on sale

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awesome . sounds interesting let hope for the best then and wait next week for more news…

thanks @GhostofDelta2 :slight_smile:

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Gridiron?.. great. Not overun…probally one of the best locust vs cog ever modes on the least favourite gears game …


Overrun was a beautiful but fleeting thing like the kiss of Summer’s last sunset :cry:

The feeling is when playing jack in horde, most of the mechanics are already in place. “Fleeting on a sunset”… ok mate spare me the philosophical rubbish but we need another pure locust/swarm vs Cog mode!. Horde’s one sided that doen’t count…

My dude, your understanding of poetry is lacking and your automatic understanding of an appreciative ode as something hostile tells me a lot about your mood.

I love Overrun, it was the best thing about Judgment.

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I find out that when he wrote:

he really have the poetry on point … only the bozz @The_Bozzmeister and Pablo neruda would say something like that.

the poetry its great @Nineteenth_Hour what its not that great its the amount of maps TC is going to give on OP3. I guess only 2