Operation 3 Game Mode (Predictions)

So, I’m not sure if each Operation getting a new game mode is gonna be a regular thing, but if it is what game modes do you guys see being possibilities?
Seems most people have been thinking some kind of Swarm mode akin to Beast or Overrun, which I’d be 1000% down with. It’d probably be called Hive or something.
But, beyond that, what other modes could there be?

One thing I’m thinking is a Wingman-themed Operation. And it’d probably have Dom & Cole in it or something, see as how they’re kinda like the respective “wingmen” of Marcus & Baird, who are already in the game.
And the Swarm could have Skorge & Karn as RAAM’s wingmen or something, I dunno. Or maybe the Therons. But, yeah, you get the idea.

Like I said, I’d really excited about a Swarm mode, but I dunno if it feels too soon, because they’d have to work out a bunch of balancing stuff if it ends up being PvP. Or something like that, idk.

Looks at at Gears 5 cover art
Wow, Queen Myrah must be in this game.

I know lol, what a bummer. If the were to do the aforementioned Swarm-themed Operation, I imagine she would be one of the new “characters” for that.

But yeah, definitely should’ve been in the game to begin with, along with Paduk, Baird, Carmines, etc.