Operation 3 discussion

This is just a post to talk about what we think should be included in operation 3.

I personally think there should be 6 new characters and 4 NEW maps (original maps not seen in any other gears game), plus a few from older games.

I think Lahni should be more fun to play as in Horde.

A few Horde skill cards look as though they will be changing. It seems a few of the card descriptions have been mistakenly changed by the last title update, but the actual changes haven’t taken effect yet and players reckon these are changes planned for Operation 3.

Fahz’s legendary card has apparently been changed so that it deals X% freeze effects on an active reload. This is apparently shown in the Polish language translation (other languages retain the old card description).

The COG Gear’s Helpful Headshot card seems to have been changed to remove the Snub Pistol requirement, and now omits all mention of the Snub which suggests it will change to generate stim when you get any headshot with any weapon.

And Kait’s legendary card description has changed so that it extends cloak on any kill, not just bleeding enemies.

It is same situation as for Fahz, I had description “Killing enemies while cloak is active extends its duration for 2 seconds”(2 or 3 level card). I think translation team had prepared the localization file that was accidentally put in current version.

Yeah… because there aren’t half dozen threads EXACTLY like this on already…

Closing as we already have discussions on this exact topic.