Operation 3 delayed but the store stays full?

Disgusting! They delay the operation a whole month but continue to push out overpriced garbage? Seven months, one map? Dios mio! Four months, six hives? Hot doggers! If TC wanna force 12 year olds to use their parents credit cards theyll have to do better than a $4 longshot. Rods gone lets replace him with a dog maybe things will turn around then. Hopefully this is the last time they pull this stunt, games getting stale and ive barely played it.

What do the weekly store items have to do with the Op. 3 release date?


It’s likely that he will be replaced by another human.

I am with Mark here. Genuinely curious.


There prioritizing paid “content” over free content. We know they already got the next operation loaded in the game and ready to go but there making us wait.

Dog 2020


I don’t know how anything we’ve seen in Gears 5’s development cycle so far would have you convinced that TC are ever “ready to go.” Yes, we know that the cosmetics for Operation 3 already exist given the leaks last week, but we’re also anticipating major new modes, settings, maps, and features with Operation 3. I don’t think weekly store items, all of which were likely produced months in advance, have anything to do with the current release schedule of the operation.

the bounty hunter?

Its like you didnt even read my post.

Man, i want CONTENT! Actual real content, not some low quality money only skins.

I might have to bust out my old Silent Hill 2 dog gamerpic for this one. Well said, Teady. :clap::clap::clap:

I know that language ahahahaha :smile:

has to be bobba fett

The one with the santa hat please.