Operation 3 bug & glitch list

Seattle, 2012

Employee: Epic Games sold us Gears of War. Something about “too expensive to develop.”

Microsoft: That’s okay. Give it to Black Tusk.

Employee: But boss, they’re even smaller than Epic Games!

Microsoft: And cut their budget.

Employee: But boss, the customers!

Microsoft: chuckles in $billions


I’m pleased to say that as of the last hour or so (4th April 2020), all of these mentioned cards are unlockable now and the ones where I’ve reached the required level are in my inventory.



I leave it on list with fixed status

A look at how TC fixes bugs:

Lol :joy: I remember playing Campaign with my girlfriend and their was a glitch with Paduk friends. They gave me a upgrade for Jack I could not grab so I had to restart the whole chapter and do them in a different pattern so I can continue.

Exclusively horde and from playing only a couple of full matches since operation-update:

*The game crashes from time to time, in match. Have not had this issue since release of the game so I am assuming its related to OP3.
*Enemies spawn in camp on Canals.
*The names of the bosses is no longer visible
*weapons and energy sometimes fall through the ground after an enemy is killed.
*I think that medals dont register correctly
*All cards and skins were unequipped after update.

Thats about it for now…

Most of This was due to server overload.
Enemies spawn on Fabricator on Canals?


I noticed that the drop shot doesn’t make any sound when its fired now and the talon pistol is extremely loud and made me jump when people fire it…

Regarding Clayton causing disconnections in Horde/Escape, it’s if you use the Hard Shell skill card and deflect a Pouncer’s projectiles.

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Or maybe, Jack is just really, really small.

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And wow am I glad I got my Gears 5 Insane run done at launch. I really don’t wanna suffer through that again with even more game breaking bugs.

To be fair, pairing players from AU to USA on Gears is a bad idea.

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Its been much smoother when I have helped players through previous Gears campaigns, but I understand the internet is currently taking a hammering, so that doesn’t help.


“There’s ■■■■ everywhere”.
~ Damon Baird

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Regardless, falling through maps, screens turning red when on a Skiff, Del not activating his action at a certain point and other things shouldn’t be happening due to USA/Australia pairing together. I could see teleporting and connection related things but not obvious in game bugs.


Falling through map is in some way related to teleports caused by connection problems and bad ping, as it is technically a teleport. But it happens too frequently to blame only connection. Also as Jack moves in all directions (X,Y and Z axis) so maybe this is the reason of falling under map, as server tries to synch and adjust Position on Z axis which represent the height in Unreal engine games.

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I wanted to make a list of new and still existing bugs and errors. If they are still in game, it means that maybe TC don’t know of their existence.

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Hm. I assume it happens due to some interference in 2 functions. First tries to add on clayton body stucked pouncers spikes as he use his ult and pawns are restricted of this effect being used on them directly. Second is the reflect damage function tries to spawn another spikes coming at pouncer, that may be restricted to pouncer only use or something. Game server can’t handle this situation and assumes it as critical exception that is handled through disconnection. That’s my theories only.