Operation 3 bug & glitch list

I think your glitches are related to low quality connection/ big distance between you and @GhostofDelta2 and game doesn’t know how to properly replicate jacks position due to those reasons, on every image there is a wifi icon with one bar lighten.

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Definitely, but still a concern nonetheless. Lol.

Australia and USA Illinois are far away.

Yes it’s still a netcode problem. The game relies on client too much. So the sh#t happens.

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Clayton and Cole’s Epic Score Boost cards aren’t unlockable. They don’t appear in the progression page (but they appear faded out in the inventory). Cole’s Defensive Tackle card appears in both and should be unlocked at level 9 but doesn’t unlock.

Clayton’s ultimate ability reportedly crashes Horde lobbies too (doesn’t seem to happen in Escape - at least not for me).

A number of Horde lobby crashes have occurred on post-launch maps. It’s hard to put a finger on it but Lizzie was in the squad all but once and the Silverback was involved most (but not all) of the time. The game lags and then disband the lobby. No clue as to the specific cause.

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Sometimes when i jump over cover and run into the swamp from the centre point where Torque Bow spawns on Pahanu i run on top of the water instead of through it.

Happened twice in the most lancer infested match i’ve ever played just now.

Just gonna leave this here…
The Silverback appears to have a pretty serious bug with the Tri-Shot that occurs randomly and rarely upon entering a match and can only be “fixed” by quitting completely, wherein it takes a flipping eternity to cool the weapon down no matter how long you fire it. Which then also makes the weapon almost entirely useless. Check clips below for details.

Things I do not know :

  • Whether this affects the Mulcher or not
  • If this also happens in Horde, I have only experienced it in Escape on the newest hive
  • How to trigger it, as so far it seems to happen completely randomly whenever a match is started

I have reported this to TC via their support website already, but I have some doubts they’d get to that bug report quickly(it got a ticket number of 33,000 n something…). Thought I’d share this here as well just in case, and to make more players aware.


You have met your Jesus :grinning:

I played a game of Gridiron and noticed when you pick up the Salvo and try to shoot under the bridge part of the centre bunker towards the GL the shots magnetise straight to the top of the bridge even when aiming down to the floor about a metre in front of you.

I don’t play Bunker ever so i don’t know if it has always done that but i wondered what the hell was going on.

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It’s been pulling that ridiculous stuff since launch, I believe. And I’m also fairly certain TCs new complicated shooting mechanics are at cause.


I was so confused when it happened Lmao

Lizzie’s silver back still has the occasional issue where the silver back is destroyed and controlling Lizzie afterwards is just, well impossible.

Can anyone confirm if Sarah Connor’s heavy preparations card has been fixed to allow it for all (heavy) weapons?

I also still need to test whether Jack can pick up a level 4 forge if it gets downed with it. The only way of fixing that otherwise is for Jack to die, which has to be done mid-wave.

The re-up icons overlap on the new Scoreboard

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From playing with the lancer and snub while bored on low level horde, it’s pretty obvious there seems to be some erratic blind spots in the shooting (being near cover seems to exaccerbate this).
Mess around shooting the gaps between stuff from various angles and there seems to be some weird stuff happening.

Something in their overly complex shooting mechanincs is 100% off, but has been for a while. Maybe they just inadvertantly made it worse this update?

Playing Gridiron on Asylum, tried to score a touchdown with the flag but started to get shot. Tried to take cover on the on the bit with the tree inside it on the edge of the Endzone and got downed as I took cover.

Phased through the cover under the map and couldn’t spawn for the whole of the next round, but then I was able to play again.

This is turning into a glitch-swapping-party! :smiley:

This graphical bug on the knife was interesting… Didn’t negatively impact gameplay though.

These occurred during the server issues that we experienced. Got to see the placeholders for challenges.


Ever since April 2nd after getting Clayton’s bleed card to level 2 the card has been useless ever since, enemies dont bleed when their shots are reflected back at them, I’ve tried contacting Octus and Support but to no avail

I experienced this glitch.

Ok I wanted to mention anyone who added his bug, but forums has the maximum settings of 10 different mentions🤔

Wow bmbr1990, thank you for putting these list together… I know some of these were definitely around before TU5 (like getting frozen in place when you are near a snatcher that explodes), but seeing such a lengthy list is so disheartening and extremely disappointing.

I know making a modern game that is the size of Gears 5 is no easy task, and I am certain working through code to weed out and prevent bugs is challenging, but there are SOOOOOO many new issues that have come with TU5 I am genuinely curious what their testing and certification process is like.

We aren’t beta testers, we are the end users of this product and to constantly have so many bugs introduced is just unacceptable.

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