Operation 3 bug & glitch list

Hi there,
As for the release of Operation 3 and TU5, there are things that still need fixing and also are new glitches that were introduced with update, let’s make a list for TC to help them track it.

A small side note on beginning: I hate most of these bugs and I’m amazed that TC can’t make game with really small amount of bugs, but the game is out, so it is better to point out bugs to developer than going rage that game is broken and did not provide footage.
Also, something that I think it’s a bug you may see it as its a game mechanic, when it comes for AI related things.

Also I have recorded footage but I will put it here as soon as I get those in one clip. So let’s start:

Core Mechanics - related for both PvE and PvP modes:

  1. AI enemies can shoot through mid cover - it got worse with TU5
  2. Tougher enemies like scions or elite drones insta focus and aims on players - as insta focus is some kind justified, aiming should last for at least 0.2 sec so you would notice the turn around animation.
  3. Scion can shoot backwards through its body
  4. Enemies does not get stunned when they are doing some longer animations.
  5. If the 2 smoke grenades explodes in near distance smoke effects create the ability to see enemies through smoke.
  6. Animations aren’t replicated in proper manner - see the clip with dancing baird.
  7. Enemies can be partially underground so for example. The head and chest is above ground - se the clip with sinking enemies title.
  8. On scoreboard the reup icons overlaps (@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o)
  9. Still occurring error while retrieving match result.
  10. Still progress not registering in proper manner.
  11. Unlocked ToD stuff isn’t accessible until game restart.
  12. Scrap get by Supply drop isn’t accessible until a match of any mode is played.
  13. Scoreboard text labels are not aligned with its numbers representations.
  14. Sometimes game reads controller input as double tap rather than holding button, which can end with failed reload.


  1. LIFT - shutters trigger does not always load properly/ state replication is corrupted (@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o, @Krylon_Blue, 13:00 04.04 edit)
  2. Horde related - Post Launch maps are vulnerable to crashes under yet unknown circumstances(@Bleeding_Pepper)
  3. PAHANU - players can run on top of water, like Jesus who knows us (genesis reference intended)(@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o)
  4. Operation 3 maps - Gamo occasionally crashes on horde matches without a specific , one theory involves Lizzie interference.
  5. CANALS - enemies can spawn on fabricator or very close to it.
  6. ASYLUM - some enemies on horde can travel on train.

PvP mechanics:

  1. When player dies, camera falls below map
  2. Gnasher gib distance is inconsistent, the inconsistency is bigger when players has bigger ping differences it happens less frequently with tu5 but still happens
  3. Gridiron - if the enemy team leaves match, the cogs wins a match no matter of match result
  4. Gridiron - if cog team leaves match, game shows some strange mvp screen
  5. FFA and Gridiron - if player quits game to dashboard, game can’t decide what to do with him when starting a new match and closes match and starts another, in FFA some random player gets mvp at this point.
  6. Gnasher - I know it is commonly accepted as I use those moves too, but gnasher should shoot straight through barrel, so slap shots, warp around shots should not exist. If you advance from cover gnasher should not get ability to shot the cover that is technically behind you at this point. Delays are fine, but gnasher should not shoot at 90 degree angle from barrel shot line.
  7. Shooting from mid cover on higher level allows player to shoot through cover he is using, as I like the ability to shoot from above this should include the proper animations, so player on lower ground would see the gun that points at him. In the division 2 is a great solution, players need to stand and bend over the cover to shoot below targets.
  8. Match result screen overlapping and getting stuck(@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o , 12:00 04.04 edit)
  9. Gridiron - when going dbno while possessing flag, player can get sucked into cover in front of player, and in result being unable to respawn round, until another round starts.
  10. On escalation you can block weapon placements for the whole match, experienced this on CANALS.
  11. When standing on higher ground than used smoke grenade, you can spot enemies through smoke.
  12. Sometimes if player joins any social pvp match he is spectating whole 5vs4 match, it happens also in ffa

PvE mechanics:

  1. Lizzie when using silverback on escape on helipad, gets killed when doors closes, no matter if she leave silverback or not, op3 bug
  2. When player is near snatcher when it dies, player is stunned forever, until Player gets down or killed.
  3. Coles stunning punch does not stun sometimes.
  4. Claw in PvE, when held by AI it has 100% accuracy, negating it’s intended starting fire mechanics.
  5. FIXED Cole tran card not unlocking, epic score boost and stim card(@NeoZheros , 12:00 04.04 edit) FIXED
  6. Lizzy silverback salvos rockets leaves launcher in groups rather than one after another(@OldMonkeyNuts, 13:00 04.04 edit)
  7. Lizzie’s silverback get stuck on some terrain unevenness(@Piyi_Piyi on the thread with lizzie silverback 13:00 04.04 edit)
  8. FIXED Claytons Epic score boost doesn’t unlocks while progress (@Bleeding_Pepper, 13:00 04.04.edit) FIXED
  9. Claytons ultimate can crash whole horde lobby, yet circumstances are unknown, one of possibilities is that game can’t handle what to do with pouncer spikes, as couple of disconnections happened directly after being hit by pouncer spikes.
  10. Pouncer can stun you through wall while landing from Long distance jump- see the clip reference
  11. Lizzie silverbacks trishot can stuck in overheat mode and cool down lasts extreme long(@AmicableWall421)
  12. FIXED Claytons bleed card seems to loose its power when upgraded to lvl 2.FIXED
  13. By some yet unknown circumstances player can loose ability when going dbno while doing special moves (executions, exiting silverback).
  14. Boss names are missing on horde.
  15. Energy and weapon can sometimes fall under the ground when it spawns on terrain unevenness
  16. Drones stupidly tries to jump through closed windows on new escape
  17. Occasional horde match corruption, without specific reason.
  18. Incendiary grenades does not give any burning status effect also does not work with cole burning cards.
  19. Coles DEFENSIVE TACKLE card doesn’t seem to work, no stim is added when successfully tackling enemy.
  20. FIXED Cole SOOTHING WARMTH. card doesn’t work properly, as regeneration is faster, the delay still occurs. FIXED
  21. Jack can fall out of map without being killed, without an option of kill itself and respawn.
  22. Matriarch can’t be killed by bleeding damage, you have to shoot the last point with gun no matter how long bleeding hits that last hp.
  23. Swarmak doesn’t have freezing stance and it gets killed instantly when frozen by Fahz.
  24. If Cole uses Ultimate while holding heavy weapon, after end of ability, when player drops held heavy weapon, it disappear.
  25. In escape sometimes there is no other player pointer on minimap.
  26. Heavy preparations card from Sarah Connor still does not work as intended.
  27. Del’s trackers does not seek bosses.
  28. Enemies and ai companions like to be in 5 plscen in a second, also likes to teleport when doing melee animation.
  29. When player traps himself in saferoom with enemy and goes dbno and kills enemy other players can’t access saferiom until dbmp player dies.
  30. Glitching level loading corrupting game crush(@GhostofDelta2 , 12:00 04.04 edit).
  31. Entering skif turns your screen full red (@Krylon_Blue , 13:00 04.04 edit)
  32. Ledge climbs triggers does not load with level/ is detached from level(@GhostofDelta2, 13:00, 04.04 edit)
  33. Jack can fall out of map, mostly due to low quality connection(high ping) (@Krylon_Blue , 13:00 04.04 edit)
  34. 15th post made by @Krylon_Blue(13:00 04.04 edit)

Other errors:

  1. Music that is played on start match can glitch, overlap with other soundtrack, duplicate, or play forever.
  2. Text to Speech is forever on, no matter what settings are set
  3. Rebinding reload button does not rebind chainsaw, retro and gl special attack (PC)(@Spatzl_81 ,12:00 04.04 edit)
  4. When player loose connection to server, some strange placeholders can show up.

Feel free to add something that you know and have footage, I’ll add my later.

Edit: Promised clip.

Feel free to give the feedback to team @TC_Octus

Edit time 04.05 21:00 CET****


@Krylon_Blue and I were playing Campaign, got booted and we are greeted with this screen when we try to resume. restarted current and previous checkpoint gives us this glitch.

Creating a new save and starting the chapter again was the workaround.


PC keyboard & mouse

creating a random keybind for “reload” is bugged. While reload itself works on any keybind (I use mouse 4), HOLDING reload button to launch the chaionsaw, retro bayonet and Lancer GL Grenade aiming, does not work anymore.
Holding reload is bound to default “R” button on the Keyboard and it won’t change, no matter which keybind you chose for “reload”.

This is a really gamebreaking bug and needs to be fixed immediatly. When you holf “R” you cannot move to the Right (“D”),be cause it’s the same finger. Playing as JD is impossible now.


Pressing A after finishing a ranked match wont allow you to skip, instead it brings up the detailed score meaning i have to wait until the game kicks me back to the menu or leave myself.

Happens every game.

I was stuck in those two screens and game froze. But you can continue to the next matchmaking by pressing Y after match end.

I have Cole Train at level 14 and there are 2 cards from level 9 and 14 that doesn’t unlock. The green one and the purple one.


A little bit afterwards, when we got on the SKIF, my screen turns red as if I had died while I’m riding on it.

Edit: My screen continues to turn red every time I get on and off the SKIF.

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I’ll try to update the list as it goes.


Act 2 Chapter 4 - Progression impossible no option to move forward appears.


The shutters on Lift don’t open or close.

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Lizzie silverback salvo doesn’t shoot consistently. You can fire 3-5 shots and nothing come out until they all decide to fire at the same time.

Similar to an old glitch from gears 4 where you would fire but nothing would come out and then the next shot would fire 2.

We noticed this too. We also found out that bullets can go through but grenades hit it like they’re closed.

It looks like a place where you come back after this mission, but I’m not sure of it.

We got it to work after a checkpoint reset. Del was supposed to lift her but the AI Del didn’t trigger it.


Act 2 Chapter 4 shortly after the glitch @GhostofDelta2 posted above. – I fell through the map. I’ve posted a picture below but I recorded a video which I will post a bit later on.

Edit: Act 2, Chapter 4 - Went to pick up the Phosphorus from the SKIF so we could use it but when I did he got onto the SKIF and wouldn’t get off. All of my controls were frozen (Couldn’t exit the SKIF, couldn’t turn my camera, noting). We had to move far off, @GhostofDelta2 had to run far away and then it finally let me get off.

This section is a glitchy mess…

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Hehe it looks like a live glitching campaign walkthrough :grin:

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@GhostofDelta2 and I are about to call ourselves the Glitch Hunters.

I have a friend who tries to glitch out every game he plays, he do things that noone could imagine. He is the only person I know who fell out of map in escape lol.
He would be a perfect beta tester.
First post updated.

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Act 2, Chapter 5, chasing the Matriarch and I fell through the map, again…

Sadly we aren’t trying to glitch anything, we just keep experiencing game breaking issues.

Here is a pic of me watching Krylon fall through the game world, yet again.