Operation 2 will either be the death or rebirth of gears 5

Is it fair to say the life of this game and any appreciation for TC hinges on operations 2 in dec

What maps characters modes and unlocks in TOD. We get

I can’t help but feel it’s going to go terrible


I feel like after the 13th the game will start to get back on track and by January 2020 this game will be in a similar to state that gears 4 was at the time. And if not I guess we riot lmao.


If the Halloween trailer’s any indication (which they’ve proven that it’s kinda not), then we’ll get Lizzie Carmine, probably as a totem.

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Yes and they know it.

According to TC octus. They had the same feeling as when they where about to release the game.

Hoping for paduk honestly


I wouldn’t use either, but I’m hoping for Lizzie (would try her more often, but female animations are shared with males in versus).

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I’ve loved Paduk since judgement and when we got UIR in 4 but not him I was disappointed but then when I seen him in gears 5 trailer and he was leaked at the e3 gameplay I was so hype

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In my case, OP2 will be the deciding factor on whether I’ll stick with the game or not. Hope they blow me away with it, but I remain a bit skeptical.


This 100% Depending where they put the characters in the TOD will tell me if I want to continue or not.


I paid my $120 for the game so I’m sticking with it until I literally can no longer find matches

They are clearly angling to add characters via that “totem” system, so I wouldn’t expect unlocks to be tied into the TOD itself.

I anticipate Lizzie and Paduk will be among the characters that come at the beginning of Operation 2, based on the leaked E3 screen. I also predict they are currently furiously working on the OG Delta Squad, after seeing how unhappy people were at them not being in at launch, and at least a couple of them will come in December or January (Baird and Cole would be my guess, since their model work is done for G5).

Operation 2 will be important for me, because it’ll show how they have (or haven’t) implemented feedback about Operation 1. They also won’t have any campaign skins left to include, so the rewards will presumably be all-new stuff this time around.

I think the health of the game itself just hinges more on regular title updates, and making some changes to the game’s monetization.


Hopefully in regards to unlockable characters they will make the characters themselves unlockable through totem progression and the tour will be used to unlock different skins for those characters ie. Anya is unlockable through totem however the vintage Anya skin is ToD or a store purchase unlockable. It would make the most sense to do it this way but time will tell what TC ultimately decides to do in those regards. But I think your on the right track in terms of Op2 being the deciding factor in weather or not the tides will change in relation to public reception of the game overall I think the next patch will also help a bit depending on how it’s received and if they can accomplish fixing the majority of the issues currently infecting the game.

I get ya.

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I must please the overlord


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It all depends wether TC has learned its lesson on the foul ups that the game has had… and they want to correct the course by fixing horde and versus, adding more freedom of choice on the characters and weapons and at the end they add a awesome level editor

if they do that Ill play the game if not ill still be playing 4 or 3 for that matter.

I just want the Onyx Guard and Thrashball Drone. Those two were my dudes back in Gears 3.


Eh, the only thing they can improve game wise with operation 2 is IF they add good maps.
The rest of it wont matter to me as long as they carry on listening and fixing the game.


Can you elaborate?

Can’t wait to earn those rank banners again xD


Between the Rank reset and Operation 2, I agree. This is TC’s last chance to turn Gears 5 around for good.