Operation 2. Only 1 new map for Multiplayer?

Just watched the Operation 2 Trailer. So you guys bring one fresh map and Lift ?? That is disappointing. Also 2v2 gnasher the same maps ? No cole Hoffmann dom ?


Yeah, this was pretty disappointing.
Unfortunately all this new modes like Escape and FFA are coming at the cost of a weaker support for the main MP modes.

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Remade lift…what the actual hell. Any map we haven’t seen since gears 2 would’ve sufficed. No, we get lift. 1 new map for core game modes. I’m not playing FFA.


Yeah we asked for gears 2 maps and we got another industrial/gears 4 map. What a pitty to forget your roots

Me neither man… I mean as far as I see Horde would stay the same… with same glitches, lack of ammo and without any interesting new skill cards…

I don’t see any point continuing with this game.


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