Operation 2 news today?

Really not much time left to cover it or hype it up. Only one week left in this season. They might as well drop the info in today’s What’s Up.

Dana said early this week we would get info on operation 2 and Octus said What’s up is today. 1+1 = Operation news today.

Well What’s Up is typically Monday’s so that’s not necessarily something new.

I really hope they cover it today. I know they also have to cover the Thanksgiving event so hopefully they do both.

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Im really hopin to hear some.good stuff about ToD2… but… not holdin my breathe… but hopefully its not good… its great… thats what i want to see…

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I’m not concerned about it being good. I do think they will deliver with Operation 2 in a big way.

What I’m concerned about is the timing. They need time to build up hype and they’re REALLY cutting it close.


Thats fair, i need it built up honestly. It would really help them to do that i think more…

They initially said mid-November which would have been a nice starting point to build up hype. But here were are…1 week away from Gears 5 biggest and most critical update probably ever, and we still don’t know anything.

Classic TC.


Sadly its true… reminds me of the reach chars… so last minute, it was too late

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Yeah, they’ve had multiple dev streams to hype it up, but nothing…

That wouldn’t be the right place to do it anyway. Gotta be on social media. Twitter, YouTube, etc.

TC taking forever to announce anything about it just kills the hype for me. They’d better talk about it in today’s What’s Up because I’ve already lost interest in Gears 5. I finished the ToD, but I don’t think I can do it again if it’s not worth my time, especially if I get dailies that involve playing Horde or Escape. That’s a huge turn-off, and usually results in me playing a different game to avoid the chore when I just want to play Versus and progress like in Gears 2, 3 and 4. It doesn’t help that the gameplay’s lacking compared to previous Gears games, in my opinion.



Yeah I think that’s a major focus on this Operation. Better balance of objectives and medals for PVP and PVE players so you can get the Tour done at the same rate regardless of what you play. At least that’s what they said.

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They’d be really just shooting themselves in the foot by not saying anything this week or today. Heck, I was expecting news for the last two weeks.

But TC seem to be very intent on these “last minute” kind of notices. The same was the case for Gears 4s June or July Horde update, which a lot of people were looking forward to because it was made out to be this big thing and it really just turned out to be a bit of a stinker besides skill card additions for classes, which were the only noteworthy addition of said update, when we learnt of it.

I dont watch dev streams often. Only what Zii covers usually. They are dreadfully borin.

They can also hype it up in game… ya know… doa6 hyped the doa6 festival in game in the loading menu (which turned into a mess but not the point- at the actual tounrie as a mess sadly T_T)

Let’s hope that’s true then. I’d definitely play more if I could play my preferred mode and progress at a decent rate.

But Rachel’s looking mighty fine in DOA6! Insta-buy for me.

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The dev streams actually aren’t bad and have a ton of info in them, but it wouldn’t be the right place to do a major reveal.

It’ll have to be on Twitter and YouTube as they’ve done in the past. The issue is just timing. They need to hurry up.

This trailer for Operation 2 needs to be insanely good. Last chance for Gears 5 to make a major 180 shift.


Personnaly i disagree. I cant really stand watchin the stream. Id rather just read a wall of text from em personally.


Riiight? I cant wait to get those air grab loops into force tech!!! Damn great times in 5! I sooo hope Lopedo jumps back on rachel in tournies… i need that trolololol

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Let’s hope he does! I’m gonna play the hell outta’ her when she comes out. Unfortunately I never had the chance to play her in DOA5, so this will be my first experience using her. She comes out tomorrow, correct?

I wonder who the next DLC character will be though. They said that it’ll be a girl from DOAX3:VV.

On topic. I agree, I can’t watch the Dev streams either. They’re rather boring and watching Octus play is Zzzzzzzzz. I watch Zii as well since he skips right to the good points for us and gives us his thoughts on the subject. I wouldn’t mind seeing an announcement trailer for it though.

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O my!! U missed a beast char in 5… like wow, she was a tank. heaviest char in the game basically. N her combos basically were universal on all weight varients. (with very slight changes for weight classes, where many chars had to drasrically adjust combos for rachel n such compared to kasumi etc)

My boy Emmery talks all about it if ur curious.https://youtu.be/CWkf3EZ5OGs
He is an amazing player, commentator, etc.

Id just have to ask, n me n a few peeps could prob figure it out im sure. Never really saw much DoaxVV… so i dont know the chars in it. But i know people who know it very well n such

Ya, i much prefer the quickness of Ziis vids personally