Operation 2 is officially launching Tuesday, December 11th

Full details coming next week.


"The news is finally out there. Free For All will be making its return as part of the aptly named Operation 2: Free For All on December 11th 2019!

Free For All will be joined by the arrival of Heroes Lizzie Carmine and Baird as part of this huge update that includes new Characters, Maps, Modes (more than just FFA!) and more – and we’ll reveal all the details next week.

Don’t forget, if you are planning to complete Operation 1’s Tour of Duty, this means you have just over two weeks left to finish up Tour 1 before the arrival of Tour 2!"


Good news for those of you who have asked for FFA.

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So we’ve actually got two more weeks instead of one?

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■■■■. Delayed. Big ■■■■■■■ surprise.

Hope it includes a config option where I can turn off all ToD related visual clutter from my ingame screens! Don’t care, not interested, get it off my screen, please… : One General with meaningless mark and banner rewards is enough…


How was it delayed if it was never announced? Lol.

In a dev steam it was mention ed the first week of December

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They never said that. They’ve always said “early December”.

And they specifically said anything they say on the stream could be subject for change. So until it’s officially announced, it doesn’t mean much.

As someone who still has several ranks to go in Tour 1, that’s fine by me. I thought I was just boned for the remaining stuff I wanted to get.

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Thought it was December 3rd?? Lol TC strikes again.

Sounds ok-free for all on judgement felt a bit of a mess-hopefully TC can make a better go of it…

They never said so.

Awesome. A cheeky week uninterrupted on Reach. Coincidence…or not…!?! :wink:

Good point.

Unfortunately, all of the other issues that they should have ironed out are still oh-so still prevalent. Honestly, some may be worse. Regardless, unless they’ve got something up their sleeve that sneak-peak doesn’t really impress. FFA inclusion just makes me think that they are implementing something in the meantime to avoid their questionable matchmaking. Hopefully they adopt a model of including COG characters in for multiplayer and give them “Hero” status later on. Too bad that nonsense could have been avoiding if they didn’t bind characters to class.

Well getting free stuff always nice,lets hope it’s good this time.

tod was so annoying not doing it again

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Well, for TC the Tour of duty is a good thing to keep the most gamers playing the game. I expect more and better stuff AND much more iron. Then the tour of duty could be intresting for me but only if this happen.

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