Operation 2 extreme hype

Baird and Lizzie are perfect.

Onyx guard is good move.

A map that changes every round for arcade blitz, 2v2 gnash and ffa.

New tour with skins like classic Baird, blood speaker, deadeye, dr-1, hivebuster lizzie.

New weapons skins. And more TBA…

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They did a great job with this update. Worthy of the hype.


Yeah well hyped for this one and looks like I’ll be dropping coin on the 1st day it releases with that 4 character, boost and Iron package.


And a full skin set.

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Sweet sounds great value for money and long may it continue


Yeah it’s about a $50 value but for $20

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Just one new map for core vs modes (lift dont count)

So extreme hype…

kinda yeh


Has it been confirmed though?

And why wouldn’t Lift count?

Does he really have to explain why Lift doesn’t count? Did you seriously ask that and not know the answer he was going to give?


Only complaints:

Possibly only female variant of Onyx Guard (listed as “Onyx Guard Casan” in TOD from video) that’s earnable - possibly put male variant in the store.

Ported 2v2 maps from Gears 4, strange decision since smaller maps in theory shouldn’t take as long to create.

Lift Apex - Supreme Edition

Otherwise it all looks amazing, personally looking forward to FFA ranked the most.

It’s not new, but it’s an additional versus map so it should count. I do understand the frustration some have with bringing that one back.

But we have no official confirmation that the new FFA maps won’t also be playable in regular PVP modes and Horde.

We just know that FFA can only be played on those maps.

I’m hoping you’re right, but the skin was listed as Onyx Guard “Casan” specifically - so hopefully the Vermelo/Male variant is also included or at least earnable

Don’t worry. Octus already confirmed it. When you get Casan you get valmero. It’s like when you get a weapon set and it only shows the gnasher.


Thank goodness. That laugh already haunts my dreams.

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Thank you.