Operation 2 did not save the game

Ever since the update the game is worse than ever .

I’m sorry your k/d ratio dropped after the operation change :joy:

I doubt a life saving operation would save the game either. Too much is wrong.
Destiny Season 2 basically rewrote the whole game, Gears 5 will need this to maybe save it, but i doubt The Coalition would do such a thing. People still play the game, and that is good enough for them.
I for one would love to see the game fixed/saved, i have a list of things, as does everyone else who cares about the game/franchise.


Not my kd my interest in playin with scrubs and Christmas noobs and high ping players that dominate the game by lagging … I learned how to play the game in fact i beat it by myself on insane. Personally game is complete trash … None of my friends even want to play either an thats sayin alot since we been playin since gears 1

Gears 5 was falling. Operation 2 was the safety net it needed.

…Shame it was constructed of the finest damp toilet paper.