Operation 2 Bundle $20 (no option to by with Iron)

ok so It’s not possible to buy this Bundle with Iron huh?

Isn’t this is entire point of Premium currency in the first place to buy content on the storefront?

Now we have another Weapon Set locked behind a cash-only transaction. Jeez TC you might as well add a third currency in the form of Bitcoin and go all-in here.



You get 1000 iron with it,you are winning either way.

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did they also add “STORE” to the main menu? because I don’t remember it being there before

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Yes,because i guess it was to hard to find in the lower menu.


ok, well I think TC could improve this feature. Dedicate a button for the Store at the Main Menu (maybe Y), have the store auto-pop up when the game boots, have it auto- pop up at the end of a match.


Microsoft actually does accept bitcoin purchases now lol